How to Turn Off Free Mode on Your Facebook Account via the Website or App

Facebook is a social site that originated from the united States, that gives numerous services such as free mode to appeal to its users. Because of the numerous contents present, it is no doubt that Facebook is one of the known social platform with records of over 2 billion active users all around the world.

How to Turn Off Free Mode on Your Facebook Account

Facebook free mode, is one Vita content present in Facebook and it is known all around the world. The addition of free mode on Facebook has made her users to stay online without having to worry about the subscription. The only limitation to this effect is that it does not allow user to view pictures on Facebook.

How to Download Facebook App on Your Smart Phone

Although there are other social platform online, but it is no doubt that Facebook is one of the known website. With a steady increase in the number of users, it no surprise then that her users are constantly installing this app into their mobile phones, just to catch the most exciting moments associated with this platform.

Listed below are ways you can download a Facebook app on your phone.

  • Open Google play store by clicking on the app present on your phone screen
  • From the search section, search for Facebook
  • Click on the app to install it on your phone.
  • From this moment the app will automatically start to install on your phone.

Following the easy steps listed here are  no doubt going to help You download a Facebook app on your phone.  However, that is not the end, You can access the Free Mode feature on the app. With the app, users can always turn on and off the Facebook Free mode feature.

You will have to either login into this app if you have an account already or create an account if you are a fresh user. Below are the ways you can create your Facebook account.

How to Create Your Facebook Account

The first thing you need to know in creating a Facebook account is to download the app on your smartphone. To do this, is to either go to Google play store or any appropriate app store,  and search for the Facebook app and Download it. For other steps on how to create a Facebook account follow the steps listed below.

  • Open the application after you have you have successfully downloaded it and install from play store.
  • Click create Facebook account on the home screen.
  • Then press the next button
  • Input your first names in the boxes provided
  • Input your date of birth in the next box below
  • Fill in your
  • For verification purposes provide your mobile phone number or email address
  • Create a preferred password for your self
  • Finally press the register button. The system will automatically prompt you if there is issues with your password or not .
  • This is all that is involved with this app. The app will automatically log you in . You can tell it to remember your password for you if you want it to, so you don’t have to be inputting your password again any time you want to login.

If you have systematically followed the steps above, you have successfully managed to generate your personal Facebook account. And you deserve a welcome. Now, go and use this social platform and make friends and take advantage of this giant media app. Be, that as it may let’s head over to where You’ll learn how to turn off Free Mode on Facebook.

How to Turn Off Free Mode on Facebook

Facebook in her generosity has a way of providing for its users to Turn Off the Free Mode feature on their account via the app or website. This means that, if you have a Facebook account and you don’t have a subscription on your phone, you can still access the Facebook page with little or no limitations.

However,  if you are a user  who doesn’t like this, and you want to turn off the free Facebook mode on your phone. below are the steps to go about that.

  • To begin, launch the Facebook app on your smartphone or via
  • On your login in You will be alerted on the page that free mode option is present.
  • If you are using Free Facebook, you see a message alerting you that you are on free Facebook mode.
  • Then, at the top of the application, press the see photos button to see the photos you wish to see.
  • After taping the button, the image will appear on the Facebook application
  • The description at the top will change to you are in data mode , indicating that you have left Facebook free mode.

If you have read this, you could boldly say that exiting Facebook free mode is extremely simple. But how about returning to the free Facebook mode? You can do this by tapping the ”Go to free mode button”. Also If you don’t want to ever have an encounter with the free Facebook mode again, you can disable it completely from the section written below.

How to Disable Free Facebook Mode

The above action you have performed does not completely disable free Facebook mode, hence you will have free Facebook mode come up at intervals in this app.therefor if you want to completely disable free Facebook mode follow the guidelines listed below

  • To start with, open the Facebook app on your phone or via Your UC browser type
  • At the top right edge of the Facebook app, tap the symbol with three lines.
  • After which you go to Data usage> and select a choice
  • After you are done picking your choice, a new page will open for you
  • You have selected free mode
  • You can now disable this feature by having to tap the disable feature button, this will turn off Facebook free mode completely
  • This mode will never appear again on your page.


This article is written for you to learn about Facebook and all the wonderful activities you can engage yourself, doing with it. Especially, the details on how to turn off your free Facebook mode either temporarily or permanently. Undoubtedly you can now set your Facebook account to whatever state of your choice and have fun.

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