Reasons Why Facebook Dating is not Working on Your Account

If you are a big fan of Facebook then you should have heard about the latest top feature they added to the platform. In case you have not heard, it is called Facebook dating. This platform was created to make finding a date on Facebook a lot easier. Although some people that are eligible to use it still complain about not being able to access it. In this article, we going to give you the possible reasons why Facebook dating is not working on your account.

Reasons Why Facebook Dating is not Working on Your Account

The Facebook dating feature was first launched in few countries to know how most of the users would react to it when the result came Facebook launched it in the united states and some other countries to expand the platform users. With this, you should know the dating platform newly developed by Facebook is legit. But if you already know about the dating Platform but also looking for reasons why Facebook dating is not working in your account then I would tell you why in this article.

Reasons Why Facebook Dating is not Working

There are lots of possible reasons why Facebook dating is not working or showing in your account, and by the way, it happens to be one of the latest dating platforms around so there should be no problem to panic a lot. If you find can’t Facebook dating or if it does not work on your account it might just be that you are not making use of them:

  • You trying to access it on and not on the Facebook app.
  • You are younger than 18.
  • Facebook dating is not available in your current location.
  • You’ve not updated your Facebook app to the latest version.

These four factors are mainly what causes you to think that the app does not work for you. But, if you are older than 18 and located where the Facebook dating is available to use on, all you have to do is download the app (the most recent app update) and the platform would work for you.

1. Where can I Access Facebook Dating Feature?

Ever since Facebook Dating was launched, lots of Facebook account owners who have accessed the platform has found their match and are happy with what the platform gave them. So, if you have tried to access Facebook dating, and you experienced some difficulty accessing the platform based on where it can be found, then don’t worry any longer, cause your problem will be solved once you finish reading this article.

In case you are thinking that you are the only one faced with the question “where can I access Facebook dating?” then think again because lots of people on the platform also face the same problem. Basically, it is not a problem, Facebook is still working on making its dating feature a lot better. Now the basic truth, is even if you are in a country that Facebook dating available on, you might still have problems accessing it. This is because Facebook dating is not available on the Facebook web, and if you only make use of Facebook dating via your browser or the desktop site then kill the idea about accessing Facebook dating.

Ever since the launch in 2018, Facebook made it possible to access Facebook dating via the Facebook app. And since then, Facebook has not stated if they would make it available for Facebook web, so if you want to make use of Facebook dating you must have access to the Facebook app.

2. Facebook Dating Eligible Age

Although Facebook dating is not yet available in many countries of the world, reviews already compare it to top dating platforms like Tinder and Bumble. But Facebook also tried to make the platform a responsible platform by adding a Facebook dating eligible age. If you have no ideas concerning what the eligible age for Facebook dating is, then let me enlighten you;

Facebook made the dating platform AVAILABLE TO PEOPLE WHO ARE 18 YEARS AND OLDER. With that, if you are not 18, then you are not eligible for Facebook dating. Facebook did not just make it available to people 18 and older for no reason, Facebook wanted to make it safe for little children. and to protect them from strangers since you get to match with strangers on the platform.

Facebook dating can only be accessed by people who are 18 and older. I know lots of young people below 18 are looking forward to using the dating platform, but using it is not possible since accessing it means you must be 18 and older. As a mature adult, you should know when to date especially for people whose countries conditions are not the same as others.

Facebook has its own reasons for making it 18 and older, same for other dating platforms around today. There are no possible ways to manoeuvre the eligible dating age since Facebook made the security for the app stronger and much better and safer for all users. You should not see any reason to want to access Facebook dating if you are not eligible for the platform.

3. Facebook Dating Countries

Unfortunately, Facebook has not yet made its dating available to more countries of the world. When Facebook dating was officially launched, Facebook made it available for only a few countries, mainly to carry out its test on the platform. at that time, if you are not in any of the 5 countries where Facebook began the testing it would not be possible for you to access Facebook dating. after the success of Facebook dating test, they proceeded to make it available in more countries.

Facebook Dating Available Locations

Facebook dating is available in 20 countries. Officially Facebook wanted to increase the number by adding more countries as at the beginning of the year, but certain issues aroused. So right now, we are still looking forward to seeing the next Facebook dating launch. The 20 countries that can access and use the Facebook dating platform includes:

  • Argentina
  • Bolivia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • Columbia
  • Ecuador
  • Guyana
  • Laos
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico
  • Paraguay
  • Peru
  • The Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Suriname
  • Thailand
  • Uruguay
  • Vietnam and
  • The United State

Facebook dating can only be accessed for these locations stated above. Every single Facebook dating users has confirmed the fact that Facebook dating is worth using, but for now, if you are not in any of the countries stated above, you can only fantasize about using Facebook dating.

Facebook Dating Available in Europe

Facebook dating was supposed to be in Europe by now because Facebook intended to launch the feature in Europe the day before valentine. But unfortunately, Facebook encountered some issues that lead to Facebook postponing the launch date.

Facebook encountered some security issues, but they are handling it. But for now, if you are really waiting to start using Facebook dating in Europe, you might have to wait longer, because the date for launch in Europe has not yet been officially made. Right now, if you want to date on Facebook you would have to date via Facebook groups or other possible ways available on Facebook.

4. Your Facebook app is Outdated!

If you’re still operating on an older version of Facebook, you may not be able to access the dating functionality until you update your app to the latest version available to enjoy the service and many other new features that you may be missing out on Facebook, which ultimately brings us to the question of the day: how do I update my Facebook app?

How to Update Your Facebook App to be able to Access the Dating Feature

So, if you’re over the age of 18 and you’re pretty sure that the dating functionality is available in your country, then you could be sure that number 3 listed above could be your best bet. Updating your Facebook to access the dating feature is quite easy and you should be done in a matter of minutes. Here’s how you update your Facebook app:

  1. Make sure you have an active internet connection on your phone
  2. Tap on the application store of your device ( App Store for iOS and Play Store for Android)
  3. Navigate to the updates section of the app and select it.
  4. You should see a list of the apps on your phone that needs to be updated, select Facebook from the list and go on to update it to the latest feature.

Once the update is complete, you can now go-ahead to launch the Facebook app, tap on the menu option and the Facebook dating function should be sitting there, ready for your use.

Note: There may be other reasons why Facebook dating is not working, you just need to check your Facebook Platform and be sure what you are missing. And one thing you should also keep in mind is Facebook dating is not yet available on the Facebook web so you can only make use of it using the Facebook app.

Facebook Dating Features for Eligible People to Use

If you are eligible for Facebook dating, and you are looking forward to using the platform, below are some of the top features to expect from the platform. they include:

  • Facebook dating allows all gender (Trans man or Cis man, trans woman or Cis woman)
  • Facebook enables you to make use of up to 9 different pictures as your profile picture
  • The dating app has a feature that enables users to add their Instagram post to their dating profile
  • You are giving the option to express yourself with three emojis, or in three sentences
  • Facebook dating matches users through their interest and thing they have in common
  • The platform has a secret crush feature that users to use to match with friends they already have on the Facebook
  • If you choose to keep your being in the dating platform a secret from your Facebook friends you do not have to worry because it is up to you to let them know.

There is more to Facebook dating feature than what is just stated above. Facebook is even planning to add a new feature called virtual dating to the platform, where you get to chat with your match through video calls.

Facebook Dating Usage Review

Facebook dating is different from most of the already existing dating platforms. In one of the Facebook dating press release, it reads that Facebook dating is not about swiping or having to wait for someone to like you in other to get a reaching out chance. If you are interested or you like someone, all you have to do is comment directly on their profile or tap on the like icon to let them know that you are interested, and if you are not interested you can just pass on them. Facebook dating allows you to match with both your friends and other people who have the same interest as you are.

One of the most interesting facts about Facebook dating is that your Facebook dating profile would not be displayed on your Facebook profile, but only on you’re the dating platform. Plus, your dating profile would be exposed to not only your Facebook friends but those who have similar interest with you on Facebook. Another main interesting Fact about Facebook dating is that you would only join the platform if you choose to, so if you do not want to join Facebook dating Facebook would not add you.

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  1. I have been trying to access facebook dating for awhile now and its not working. I am over the age of 18, My fb app is updated, and it is available in my location. Several of my friends have it and have tried sending me a link to it, and it says it is unavailable. I think that facebook is picking who can and cannot have access to it. Just my opinion, but i have been trying for over a month to get it.


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