Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Gaming & How to Get Started with it

Expect Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Gaming from this content because I would not miss out on the details. Facebook Gaming is one of the amazing features which has been made available by Facebook for players to increase their playing skills easily. This feature can only be accessed on the Facebook app through your Facebook account.

Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Gaming & How to Get Started with it

Facebook gaming became accessible for players in the year 2019 through an access tab that can be found within the Facebook app. After Twitch and YouTube, Facebook is also one of the most popular used apps for gaming. In this article, we are going to share with you Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Gaming.

How to get started with Facebook Gaming

  • You need to have a Facebook account because the Facebook gaming feature can only be accessed through your personal Facebook account.
  • A Facebook gaming Creator Page along with a PC with a capture card will be required if you intend to stream console games.
  • Connect your Facebook account with Facebook Gaming.
  • Next, you create a Gaming Video Creator Page. You can follow the few steps below to do that.
  1. Login to Facebook gaming by making use of your personal Facebook account.
  2. Click on  ‘Create’
  3. Some options will be displayed, tap on ‘page”
  4. After that, give your page a preferred title.
  5. Finally, select ‘Gaming Video Creator’ and you can follow the steps after which are
  6. straightforward.

What are the Features of Facebook Gaming?

Facebook gaming consists of various great features which makes it more interesting. Facebook gaming just like Twitch and YouTube helps in the creation and following of gaming content. Below are some of the major features of Facebook Gaming:

  • Tournaments

Players can create their own tournaments and also get to challenge other players. The games can be scheduled in advance by setting the date and time it will hold. Players can also freely take part in other tournaments. If you’re interested, you can tap on the ‘Tournaments’ option which is located on the left sidebar, doing this will display a list of ongoing and featured tournaments. You can also create your own tournament by tapping the ‘Create Tournament Event’ option.

  • Gaming Video Hub

This makes an arrangement of all the live and pre-recorded gaming videos from the platform and displays them on a page so as to make it easier for games to find out the latest gaming videos from their favourite gamers. Players can easily stream their games through the Facebook live tool. Also, the Facebook Gaming app possesses an instant Game hub that can be switched between playing and watching games.

  • Live Esports

Another amazing feature of Facebook Gaming is the esports events. You can scroll down on the left sidebar and go to the ‘Live Esports category’. Players can see the current Esports events and tap the ‘see more’ to view them.

  • Play Games

There is also a section for gaming where players can access Facebook games with their friends directly on the Facebook gaming platform. You can tap on the ‘Search’ option to look for your preferred games.

The information given above in this article includes Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Gaming so you can freely go through it to learn more.