17 Fun Places to Take Your Kids in Edo State Nigeria | No. 6’s a Must-Visit

Children are the apple of our eyes and they deserve to have some fun. Edo state; the capital of which is Benin is said to be the Heartbeat of the Nation. There are fun places you can take your kids to in Edo state to relax and have fun.

Edo Kids Fun Places to Visit; Top 17

Top 17 Fun Places to Take Your Kids In Edo State

Kids love to have fun. Everyone loves to have fun and Edo state has tons and tons of fun places you can take your kids to. Here are 17 fun places in Edo state, Nigeria;

1. Ogba Zoo:

Children love animals. Seeing the monkeys do their jump and seeing the fishes swim peacefully is enough to wow them. So yes, the zoo is a fun place you can take your kids to and Ogba Zoo is super affordable.

2. Kada Cinemas and Entertainment Centre:

This place is all shades of amazing. First, the cinemas which is a pretty good way to keep the kids busy and happy. Then the entertainment centre is to die for with an arcade section that would keep your kids happy and entertained.

Although, you need to have a lot of cash to spare to visit this place. But then, your kids are worth it right?

3. One Fun Place You Can Take Your Kids To In Edo Is The Benin Museum:

You might be wondering why you should take your kids to a museum. Here’s why; they get to see arts and artefacts as they’ve never seen before. We all know how kids get excited when they see something new.

4. Igun Street:

Hear me out! In Street is not like any other random street. It is a street that contains ancestral lineage seen in museums around the world. There are paintings and other artefacts there.

This place is specifically for you if your kids love art. This place is even listed as a Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO.

5. Benin Moat:

This is the ideal place for you to take your kids too. I don’t know if hiking is a sport, but one thing is certain; it is a fun thing to do. You can take your hiking gear and your kids to have fun here. Don’t forget to go along with a mosquito repellant. Have fun hiking!

6. The Benin City National Museum in Edo Is Also A Fun Place For Your Kids:

This is the home to Benin arts, histories, artefacts and antiques from around the country. This is also a place your kids can learn about Benin culture.

7. Ososo Tourist Center:

One of the tourist attraction sites in Edo state. With its rocky hills and lush green grasses, you can take your kids rock climbing here. There is even a gift shop for you to purchase things. There is also a relaxation centre, just in case you or your kids get tired from all the rock climbing.

8. Sanik Hut:

Food is an essential part of human existence. Sanik hut is a restaurant that offers popular and local dishes. Your kids don’t always have to settle for homemade cooking you know. Anyways, I heard their jumble shawarma is died for, you should take your kids there to try it out. Shawarma is a snack everybody loves.

9. Your Kids Would Have Fun At Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium In Edo:

We have often heard that football brings people together and that is no lie. Originally known as Ogbe Stadium is a stadium for football matches. Although your female child might not have fun, you’ll never know unless you try.

10. Oba Akenzua Cultural Centre:

Just seeing the exterior of this building is enough to fascinate your kids. This is the home of cultural activities in the whole of Edo state as they host numerous events from performances to art exhibitions.

11. Benin Airport:

This is a place for people that are travelling out of the state. But it doesn’t matter, you can take your kids here to see the lovely aircraft, they don’t always have to see it only in cartoons and movies.

12. Eating Can Be Fun for Kids. Chicken Republic, Ugbowo Is One Place for Them To Do That In Edo:

Just like the name implies it is the home for chickens. Chicken republic has several branches in the country and they aren’t leaving Edo state behind. It’ll be difficult for you to take your children here if you’re a vegetarian. They serve really good chicken.

13. Saidi Centre:

As we have said earlier that kids love to eat, so Saidi centre is a place that would definitely appeal to your kids. They offer mixed dining options that include Chinese, Lebanese and European cuisines.

Although, they also serve popular local dishes. Wouldn’t you and your kids just love to try foreign meals?

14. Nigerian Air Force Base, Benin:

This is where the base of the Edo State branch of Nigeran Armed Forces (air) is located. The area is secure. Asides from the security that the place offers, your kids get to see cool things like the soldiers matching, flying jets and all.

They might even be lucky enough to see the interior of an aircraft.

15. History Is Also Fun. The Royal Palace Of The Oba Of Benin Is A Place In Edo For Your Kids:

Located at the heart of Benin city; the capital of Edo state, it is a historical place that celebrates the richness of the Benin people. This place says a lot about their culture and traditions.

It has amazing architectural designs that your kids would love to see. They can learn about a lot of historical events at this place. They might even be lucky to see the Oba of Benin and be luckier to get a handshake.

16. Okomu National Park:

This is a beautiful place for your kids. It is filled with all kinds of animals around the forest. It is a tourist attraction site and can be visited at any time of the year. Due to the kind of animals around, you need to be extra careful.

17. Play House, Benin:

Saved the best for the last. This is by far the best spot you can take your kids to have fun in Edo state. It has a playground for your children, I mean why not? It’s literally called the playhouse, there’s a swimming pool too!


You definitely should visit at least seven of these places if not all. And if by chance you are in Edo state with your kids, you should take your kids to at least one of these places to have fun. If perhaps you’re looking to spoil your kids with lots of fun and enjoyment, and you don’t know anywhere in Edo state to take them

Look no further, because this list is specially made for you. Have fun with your kids!

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