21 Fun Places To Take Your Kids In Akwa Ibom State Nigeria | No. 17’s a Must-Visit

Because kids are very precious, they deserve to enjoy themselves after a week of going to school to study. Akwa Ibom state has just the right fun places for your kids.

Akwa Ibom kids Fun Places to Visit; Top 21

Akwa Ibom state is in the South-south part of Nigeria. It is known as a land of promise and it promises loads of fun for your kids. Akwa Ibom state has beautiful places you can take your kids to relax and have some fun.

Top 21 Fun Places to Take Your Kids In Akwa Ibom State

Because children are the leaders of tomorrow and we sure don’t want to bore them with only school activities. That’s why they deserve to have some fun. Here are 21 places you can take them to;

1. Ibom Plaza, Uyo

Ibom Plaza is one of the tourist attraction sites in Uyo. It provides relaxation both for the locals as well as visitors. It is a nice place for you and your kids to relax and have some fun.

2. Amongst The Fun Places, You Can Take Your Kids To Is The Plaza And Raffia City Plaza, Ikot Ekpene In Akwa Ibom Is The Place For You

Raffia city plaza is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Ikot Ekpene, Akwa Ibom. This plaza is not just a place to get affordable stuff, it is also a place where children can have fun while the adults do the shopping.

Raffia city plaza features a football viewing center and a place to see movies.

3. Ibom Tropicana Entertainment Centre, Uyo

Ibom Tropicana entertainment center is a world-class resort that is perfectly designed for both business and leisure.  It features a five-star hotel, a shopping mall, and a cinema.

Irrespective of the reason you are in Akwa Ibom, business or pleasure, Ibom Tropicana entertainment center is always open to meet your needs and have fun with your kids.

4. Kids have fun while eating too and Vista Restaurant is your one-stop in Akwa Ibom

Are you in Akwa Ibom and in search of a place to have your local dish in a world-class restaurant? If yes, then, you should visit Vista restaurant.

In this restaurant, you can have a well-cooked meal while you enjoy the beauty that Akwa Ibom is known for. We all know kids love to eat.

5. Silverbird Cinema, Uyo

We all love movies and kids are no exception. One fun place you can take your kid to is the cinema. Silverbird Cinema is a very popular cinema in Nigeria and they happen to have a branch in Akwa Ibom.

You should take them here to see Tom and jerry or something.

6. Ibibio Museum and State Park, Uyo

Ibibio Museum and state park is the no 1 place to visit if you are interested in knowing more about the Ibibio people and their way of life. Most importantly, it’s good to teach these kids about our culture.

Ibibio Museum and State Park is the right stop for that.

7. National Museum of Colonial History, Uyo

This is for all lovers of history and arts. The National Museum of colonial history is located at Wellington Bassey way. This museum contains lots of artifacts that relate to the people of Akwa Ibom and how they fared during the period of the slave trade. Your kids will be fascinated with this place, trust me.

8. What better place for kids to have fun than The Playground Uyo, Akwa Ibom

Just as its name implies, the playground is one of the most famous relaxation spots in Akwa Ibom for kids. This place is filled with food and music; the right things to help your kids have fun.

9. Ibeno Beach, Ibeno

Ibeno beach is the longest beach in West Africa. If you’re looking for a serene environment to spend time with your kids, then this is your location. Besides, your kids get to play with the water and build sand castles.

10. Akwa Ibom International Stadium, Uyo

Akwa Ibom International stadium is the most recent stadium in Nigeria. It is the home base for the Super Eagles. You can take your kids here to watch the different sports and who knows, they might even meet one of the Super Eagles players and get an autograph.

11. De Choice Mall

One of the biggest malls in Uyo. It is filled with different stores, where you can buy anything from electronic gadgets to toys. The ideal place for shopping.
There is usually a presence of security personnel at the entrance of the mall. The place is also deemed safe and secure.

12. Art is fun and Oron Museum is one of the places you can take your kids to in Akwa Ibom

Oron museum is endowed with a lot of artworks, traditional instruments, and masquerade costumes. This museum will help your knowledge of Efik history come alive. If you are a fan of arts, next time you are in Akwa Ibom, make it a duty to visit Oron Museum.

13. Godswill Akpabio International Stadium

The Godswill Akpabio International Stadium is an all-seater national sports stadium located in Uyo, the state capital of Akwa Ibom. The stadium serves as a home to the Nigerian Super Eagles as well as a center for various social, cultural, and religious events.

14. Unity Park

Unity Park is the first and foremost park in the whole of Akwa Ibom. Imagine how excited your kids will be to be in the first park ever in Akwa Ibom. This is the ideal place for you to take your kids, relax and enjoy.

15. Uyo Green Park

People have often referred to Uyo Green Park as paradise. It is a lovely place to come either as an individual or with family and friends for picnics. It has lush green grass carpets and indeed very beautiful natural scenery.

Everybody would love to be in paradise, so why not take your kids to be happy in paradise?

16. Westbrian Park (formerly G-park Global Resort)

A very nice bar. The entertainment is great over there. They have all sorts of drinks and food. With suya or point and kill fish, pepper soup. A very nice place for you and your kids.

17. Of All The Places To Take Your Kids To Have Fun In Akwa Ibom, Discovery Park In Uyo Should Be Your First Stop

What better place to visit in Akwa Ibom if you want to enjoy a blend and good music and some of the finest local dishes than Discovery Park? This park is a perfect place to hang out with your old friends and also meet new people. Discovery Park is open from 8 am to 11 pm during the week and 1 pm to 11 pm on Sundays.

18. Jubilee Gardens

This is a center of relaxation where we receive some good entertainment and enjoyment in terms of good music, food, chewable and drinks.

19. Nigerwives Nigeria Children’s Park & Multipurpose Hall

This place has a good facility for children and adults. A cool place for you and your kids to relax. The park is also suitable for outdoor events.

20. Destiny Park

Destiny Park is just too amazing. It has a restaurant where you can get a variety of food and drink for you and your kids. It also offers the music you can use to enjoy your day. They also have suya and ice cream. We all know ice cream excites the kids.

21. One Of The Fun Must-visit Places For Your Kids Is Family Fun City Eket In Akwa Ibom

Just like the name, this is the perfect place for you and your family, with lots of food. You and your kids can have a picnic at this place. It is the ideal place for relaxing, having fun, and spending time with your family.

They have various segments and playthings for your kids to enjoy themselves.


Lagos isn’t the only state with fun places. Akwa Ibom state; the land of promise has fun places for your kids. Sometimes these kids need to see the world too. Kids deserve to have some fun and relax.

In as much as, their academic life is important, their social life is equally important. To keep these kids mentally stable, they need to see the outside world. You can start from your locality in Akwa Ibom state.

Moreover, I have listed 21 places for you and now you have varieties to choose from. You can either take them to the mall or cinema or park or even a restaurant, they would appreciate it.

Have fun enjoying yourself with your kids!

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