11 Fun Places to Take Your Kids in Adamawa State Nigeria | No. 2’s A Must-Visit

Because kids are very precious, they deserve to relax and have some fun after a week of going to school to study. There are fun places in Adamawa state you can take your kids to.

11 Fun Places to Take Your Kids in Adamawa State

Adamawa state is in the Northeast part of Nigeria. It is known as a land of beauty and it lives up to that reputation. Adamawa state has beautiful places you can take your kids to relax and have some fun.

Top 11 Fun Places to Take Your Kids In Adamawa State

Because children are the leaders of tomorrow and we sure don’t want to bore them with only school activities. That’s why they deserve to have some fun. Here are 11 places you can take them to;

1. Wetlands Park and Garden is one of the fun places you can take your kids to in Adamawa state

First place you might want to take your kids to is Wetlands Park and Garden. This is a great place to have a good time with your kids. It is well-organized and fully equipped with factors to keep you and your kids happy. It is a fun and ideal place for a family picnic.

2. Gorilla Park Yola

Gorilla park is a fun place to take your kids in Adamawa state. Living up to Adamawa’s reputation of beauty. It’s an easy place to locate and relax, with the waterfall and gorilla statue that could amuse the kids.

3. Jimeta Temporary Stadium

Located in Jimeta, one of the nice places in Adamawa state. Everybody loves football and football brings diverse people together. You can take your kids to this stadium to see football and other sports. Sports in general fascinates kids.

4. One Fun place to take your kids is a hotel and Homtel Derivative & Suites in Adamawa is just right

A great place for you and your kids to relax. This place offers great hospitality and will be at your service 24/7. It’s one of the places in Adamawa state you and your kids should visit.

5. Control Lounge (C-Lounge)

Control lounge is the perfect place for you and your family to chill; literally. It even has recreational centers for you and your family, including your kids. Unlike some adults, kids love to explore.

6. Jimeta Shopping Complex

Who doesn’t like to shop? Shopping makes everybody happy and kids are no exception. Take your kids here to shop and I’m sure they’ll be the happiest throughout that day. Furthermore, getting new things for your kids is fun.

7. Among the Fun Places for your Kids is the Sukur Kingdom in Adamawa

Now you’re probably wondering why here? Well, Sukur kingdom is one of the tourist attraction sites in Adamawa state. A perfect place for you and your kids if you’re in search of serenity. It also gives the opportunity of bringing your kids closer to nature. It is a uniquely fun place to be.

8. Chicken Cottage

Kids get tired of eating homemade food too! Sometimes, you need to take them out to eat something different other than mummy’s food. And chicken cottage is the right stop. Kids love to play, but they love to eat too.

9. Salti delight

Salti delight is also an amazing restaurant you can take your kids to. I mean who doesn’t love to try something new? The kids trying a different kind of food is definitely fun for them. Just like the name, the food at this restaurant is delightful.

10. Abti American University Yola

Before you start asking why you would want to take a child to the university to have some fun, hear me out. Taking your kid to the university is fun as they get to see older people, it’s quite fascinating trust me.

Additionally, taking them here can even help them decide on a career path. They might even be lucky to see a white man. This kind of thing fascinates kids.

11. One of the Fun Places I know for Nerdy Kids is the Great Achievers Club in Adamawa state

Lastly is the Great Achievers Club. It might seem like there’s nothing fun about a book club, but that’s not true. There are some kids that are fascinated by books and if your kid is among then this is your stop. Kids get to meet like-minded kids and talk about books as much as they want. It’s more like an elite club.


In summary, Lagos isn’t the only state with fun places. Adamawa state; the land of beauty has fun places for your kids. Sometimes these kids need to see the world too. Kids deserve to have some fun and relax.

In as much as, their academic life is important, their social life is equally important. To keep these kids mentally stable, they need to see the outside world. You can start from your locality in Adamawa state.

In conclusion, have fun enjoying yourself with your kids!

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