5 Fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend in Plateau State | No.1’s a Must Visit

Are you new in plateau state and wondering which fun places to take your girlfriend? Well, this place has a lot of amazing to have fun. They have great and amazing hotels and restaurants to chill for the day.

5 Fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend in Plateau State

However, sleeping in a hotel or having dinner at the restaurants isn’t just enough, right? Don’t worry; they are a lot of other amazing places you got to visit. The state is blessed with hordes of exciting places where you and your girlfriend can have some fun. They have a park, resort, clubs, hills, and lots more.

As a matter of fact, if you are looking for new places to take your girlfriend, try out these places and you won’t regret it. Even if you are on a budget, these places will save you some cash as they are not expensive and some are free.

Best Fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend in Plateau State

Normally, your girlfriend will always like your companionship but you need more than that to keep the relationship going. You can fire up the love when you go outing to amazing places even if it’s worth travelling.

Going to fun places in plateau state is a great experience and don’t forget to take your girlfriend. Below are the best of the fun places in the state:

Jos Zoo

So many people haven’t gone to a zoo. Be sincere, have you gone? If not, then try out this place and you will have an unforgettable experience. The zoo is known to shelter the dancing chimpanzees that had the most amusing Michael Jackson reaction. There are other amazing sights to behold in the zoo.

Rayfield resort

Too tired of staying indoors, why don’t you check out the rayfield resort. It’s a great spot to have some fresh air. The resort is built around a small lake where boats can cruise. It is a wonderful sight, I must confess. The waters are clear green and also a great spot for picnics too.

More Fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend in Plateau State

Mr Lass

I’m sure the name seem amusing to you. Mr lass is also known as the Home of the best Jollof Rice. It is given that name for a great reason. They are the best the middle belt can offer. It is no ordinary Jollof but a special one.

There goes the Beans and Plantain; another awesome meal, the taste will drive you to eat more than enough. It’s quite a fun place in plateau state to take your girlfriend in for a meal.

Other Fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend in Plateau State

Go Bicycle Riding

This is well popular in France where a large number of people will go bicycle riding like a marathon race. It’s always a great view to watch. It’s more like a mini-tour. Fortunately, Plateau also encourages that sort of activity right in their capital – Jos.

If you want to have greater fun with your girlfriend, you both can register any bicycle riding clubs and do go bicycle riding.

Shere Hills

You would miss a wonderful experience if you don’t visit the Shere hills. It’s located at the east of Jos. You can have your way to the top doing some hiking. It’s a great view at the top. The top offers amazing scenery which is worth taking a photo with your girlfriend. So, take your girlfriend to this one of many fun places in plateau state and go for a hike.

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