5 Fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend in Katsina State | No. 2’s a Must Visit

Have you ever been to Katsina to behold the fine-looking places that are there? There are lots of places that are worth travelling from outside the country to behold. So great and fun places to take your girlfriend in Katsina state that will give you a sweet experience. It is known to be one of the liveliest northern states.

5 Fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend in Katsina State

There are so many activities that are done in the state. Things are not so expensive in the state. So, if you are on a budget, you can spend a great time exploring lots of beautiful places. Beautiful places to have an adventure, a romantic time, or a fun time. There are also places that are great spots for dating. You could try that as well.

Best Fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend in Katsina State

You will get the Best Fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend in Katsina State here so the both of you can spend quality time with each other. You always being around your girl is never enough to strengthen the bond between you two.

The relationship will be dull. Going out to fun places can go a long way in building up your relationship. A state like Katsina that has lots of fun and amazing places is one to look out for. Below, I would be highlighting some of these places:

  1. Katsina Teachers College
  2. Katsina Township stadium
  3. Umaru Musa Yar’adua University
  4. Katsina dolls
  5. The Durbar Festival

1. The Durbar Festival

This amazing festival has long been known since the 90s which seems to have a great history in its record. It brings out the memory of when the northern emirates used horses in the time of war. At the festival, the troops offer a parade. It shows their vigilance, loyalty, and how prepared they are if war may arise. It’s free for all, so anyone can attend.

2. Katsina Dolls

Although dolls are considered just unresponsive objects and spiritless too. But that’s not well said for the people of Katsina. They see the object as a representation of their god called Katsinam. It’s said to be a spirit messenger of the universe.

They are known to have power over the weather, punish violators, and serve as an intermediary between the spiritual and physical realm.

More Fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend in Katsina State

3. Umaru Musa Yar’adua University

The university is named after the former Governor and ex-president of the country, Nigeria – Alhaji Umaru Musa Yaradua. It was formerly known as the Katsina State University created in 2006. This was done to make better the level of education in the state.

It was started off with three faculties namely Education, Humanities, and Natural and Applied Science.

Other Fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend in Katsina State

4. Katsina Township Stadium

Although the stadium is mostly used for playing football, there are still other great activities that are done. Their outstanding facilities and well-structured infrastructure make it a great use for lots of high profile games. They also host socio-political events. The stadium is also home to the Spotlight FC the National League.

5. Katsina Teachers College

So it was once known but now it has been turned into a museum – the Katsina Museum. The school is an ancient grand architectural work of art. Using a red baked mud and fired clay was the school built with. It’s still standing today. It offers a great tourist attraction for those outside the country to see. The structure is still a great wonder to everyone.

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