Universities in Nigeria Offering International & Comparative Politics

In this post, you will see the full list of universities in Nigeria offering International & comparative politics.

Universities in Nigeria Offering International & Comparative Politics

Nigerian universities offer excellent International and Comparative Politics programs exploring global governance and political systems. These programs investigate international relations theories and compare political structures across different nations. Students in these programs study power dynamics, governance, and policymaking across countries.

Studying International and comparative Politics equips students with critical thinking skills and a nuanced understanding of political phenomena. By analyzing global trends and comparing political systems, students gain valuable insights into the diverse approaches to governance worldwide.

Moreover, these courses foster practical research, analysis, and diplomacy skills. By immersing themselves in case studies and policy debates, students develop the expertise necessary for careers in government, international organizations, research institutes, and advocacy groups.

Below are the universities in Nigeria offering International & Comparative Politics courses.

Private Universities Offering International and Comparative Politics

Is International & Comparative Politics a Hard University Course?

Studying International and Comparative Politics at a Nigerian university can be intellectually demanding due to the complex nature of political systems and theories. The coursework typically involves analyzing global governance structures, comparative political institutions, and international relations theories.

Additionally, students are expected to critically evaluate political trends, conduct in-depth research, and compare different political systems.

Moreover, understanding the intricate dynamics of international politics and conducting comparative studies across diverse countries and regions requires strong analytical skills and critical thinking abilities. It is also essential to keep abreast of current global events and political developments.

However, with dedication, access to resources such as research materials and academic support, and active engagement in discussions and debates, students can successfully navigate the challenges of studying International and Comparative Politics.

Is International and Comparative Politics a Good Course?

Studying International and Comparative Politics at a university in Nigeria is a great choice. This course covers many topics, including global governance, political systems, and international relations. It prepares students for various careers in government, diplomacy, international organizations, research, and advocacy.

Additionally, this course helps students develop critical thinking skills, analytical abilities, and a deep understanding of political phenomena. It equips them with knowledge and tools to navigate complex global politics and make meaningful societal contributions.

How Long Does it Take to Study International & Comparative Politics?

Undergraduate programs span four years and cover foundational to advanced topics in both disciplines. Postgraduate or advanced studies can extend the duration, typically lasting one to two years or more for master’s and doctoral degrees.

Which University is the Best for Studying Course?

The American University of Nigeria is the only institution in Nigeria offering this program. When it comes to International & Comparative Politics, no other university offers this course. Therefore, choosing the best university that offers this programme is not debatable.

Where can International & Comparative Politics University Graduates Work in Nigeria?

International and Comparative Politics graduates in Nigeria can work in government, international organizations, research institutes, diplomatic services, and education.


In conclusion, International & Comparative Politics is a rewarding course. Students who wish to study it should review the school requirements to stand a better chance of admission.


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