Full List of Universities in Nigeria Offering Anthropology

In this write-up, you will find the Full List of Universities in Nigeria Offering Anthropology, including its meaning and answers to some relevant frequently asked questions.

List of Universities in Nigeria Offering Anthropology

Anthropology is a holistic discipline examining humanity’s diverse aspects, encompassing cultural and biological dimensions. It explores past and present human societies, cultures, behaviours, and biology.

Anthropologists aim to understand human diversity, studying cultural practices, beliefs, languages, and social structures across societies. Biological anthropologists investigate human evolution, genetics, and primatology.

Anthropology is also concerned with social issues, analyzing power dynamics, gender, ethnicity, and class systems. It is interdisciplinary, drawing on insights from sociology, psychology, biology, and history.

Now that we understand what Anthropology is all about let’s examine the universities offering this course in the section below.

Federal University Offering Anthropology

The University of Ibadan, located in Oyo State, Nigeria, is a prominent federal institution offering Anthropology programs. With its rich academic heritage and esteemed faculty, the university provides a comprehensive education in Anthropology.

Is Anthropology a Hard University Course to Study in Nigeria?

Anthropology can be considered a challenging university course in Nigeria due to its interdisciplinary nature and the diverse range of topics it covers. Anthropology students must develop critical thinking skills, research abilities, and a deep understanding of human societies, cultures, and behaviours.

Additionally, anthropology often involves conducting fieldwork and ethnographic research, which requires practical skills and cultural sensitivity.

However, with dedication, a passion for understanding human diversity, and support from faculty and peers, students can successfully navigate the challenges and excel in their anthropology studies at Nigerian universities.

Is Anthropology a Good University Course to Study in Nigeria?

Anthropology is a good university course to study in Nigeria. It offers valuable insights into human societies, cultures, and behaviours, fostering critical thinking and cultural sensitivity. Studying anthropology equips students for diverse career paths and contributes to understanding social issues and promoting social justice.

How Many Years Does it Take to Study Anthropology in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, studying anthropology typically requires four years to complete a bachelor’s degree program. This duration may vary depending on the specific university and program requirements. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree, students can pursue further education, such as master’s or doctoral degrees, which may take additional years to complete.

Which University is Best to Study Anthropology?

Fortunately, the University of Ibadan is one of the best universities in Nigeria, known for its exemplary academic reputation for this course and across all its departments.

Where can Anthropology University Graduates Work in Nigeria?

Anthropology university graduates in Nigeria can work in various sectors, including academia, research organizations, government agencies, cultural institutions, and the private sector.

They may serve as lecturers, researchers, social analysts, policy advisors, community development specialists, cultural heritage managers, or consultants. Graduates contribute to diverse fields such as social research, policy-making, program implementation, community development, cultural preservation, and international development.


In summary, Anthropology is an excellent course to study. Still, it is essential for students who wish to study this course in the university to meet the school requirement by checking the jamb and waec subject combination for this course.


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