Full List of Universities in Nigeria Offering Arabic Studies

This article provides the Full List of Universities in Nigeria Offering Arabic Studies, an explanation of Arabic studies as a course, and answers to relevant frequently asked questions about this course.

List of Universities in Nigeria Offering Arabic Studies

Arabic Studies is a field of study that covers the language, literature, culture, history, and society of the Arab world.

It involves learning different forms of Arabic language proficiency, from Classical Arabic to Modern Standard Arabic and regional dialects. By analyzing classical and modern Arabic literature, students gain insights into Arab culture, values, and societal norms.

Arabic Studies also explores Arab history, from pre-Islamic times to the present, examining cultural, political, and social developments. Additionally, the discipline delves into contemporary issues such as politics, economics, gender dynamics, and social change in the Arab world.

Muslim students mainly study this course, and if you are looking for a list of universities offering it, please refer to the section below.

Federal Universities Offering Arabic Studies

Federal universities in Nigeria offer a comprehensive education in Arabic Studies. Below is a list:

Private Universities Offering Arabic Studies

Private universities across Nigeria offer Arabic Studies courses. Below is a list:

State Universities Offering Arabic Studies

Arabic Studies is offered in state universities in Nigeria, which include:

State University of Education Offering Arabic Studies

Lagos State University of Education is the only state university offering Arabic Studies.

Other Degree-Awarding institutions offering Arabic Studies

Other awarding institutions offering Arabic Studies are :

  • Sheik Ibrahim El-tayeb Institute, Kano, Kano State
  • A.D. Rufai College for Legal and Islamic Studies, Misau, Bauchi State

Is Arabic Studies a Hard Course to Study in Nigeria?

Arabic Studies can be considered challenging due to its linguistic complexity and cultural depth. It requires dedication and proficiency in language acquisition, literature analysis, and cultural understanding. However, students can excel in Arabic Studies at Nigerian universities with commitment and passion.

Is Arabic Studies a Good Course to Study in Nigeria?

Arabic Studies is a good university course to study in Nigeria. It offers valuable insights into the language, literature, and culture of the Arab world, fostering linguistic proficiency, critical thinking, and cultural understanding.

Additionally, it opens up diverse career opportunities in academia, translation, diplomacy, cultural exchange, and international relations. Overall, for students interested in exploring the richness of the Arabic language and culture, Arabic Studies can be a rewarding and enriching academic pursuit in Nigeria.

How Many Years Does it Take to Study Arabic Studies?

Studying Arabic Studies in Nigeria typically requires four years to complete a bachelor’s degree program. This duration may vary depending on the specific university and program requirements. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree, students can pursue further education, such as master’s or doctoral degrees, which may take additional years to complete.

Which University is the Best for Studying Arabic Studies?

Among the universities offering Arabic Studies in Nigeria, institutions like the University of Maiduguri, Ahmadu Bello University, and Bayero University have established reputations and robust programs in Arabic Studies.

Where Can Arabic Studies Graduates Work?

Arabic Studies university graduates in Nigeria can work in education, translation, diplomacy, media, tourism, research, and consulting, utilizing their language skills and cultural knowledge in various roles.


To sum it up, Arabic Studies is a great university program, especially for Muslim students. If you’re interested in taking this course, make sure to check the JAMB and WAEC subject combinations required by the school to ensure you meet the requirements.


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