Full List of Universities in Nigeria Offering Archaeology

In this section, you will see the list of Universities offering archaeology in Nigeria, along with information about archaeology and answers to relevant frequently asked questions.

List of Universities in Nigeria Offering Archaeology

Archaeology is the study of human history through material remains. It offers insights into ancient cultures, technologies, and societies. Archaeologists reconstruct the past using interdisciplinary approaches and advanced technologies, collaborating with local communities and indigenous groups. Ethical considerations guide the treatment of cultural heritage.

Archaeology also serves practical purposes, such as cultural resource management and public education. Embracing diverse perspectives enriches our understanding of the past and promotes social justice within the discipline.

If you’re interested in studying Archaeology, see the section below for a list of schools that offer this course.

Federal University Offering Archaeology

The institutions below provide a comprehensive education in Archaeology, enabling students to explore human history through material remains, interdisciplinary studies, and practical applications.

Is Archaeology a Hard University Course to Study in Nigeria?

Archaeology can be a challenging university course in Nigeria, as it requires a multidisciplinary approach and a strong foundation in various fields such as anthropology, history, geography, and science.

Archaeology students need to develop skills in fieldwork, laboratory analysis, critical thinking, and research methodologies.

Additionally, the subject often involves physical exertion and long hours of fieldwork in diverse environments. However, with dedication, passion, and support from faculty and peers, students can successfully navigate the challenges and excel in their archaeology studies at Nigerian universities.

Is Archaeology a Good University Course to Study in Nigeria?

Archaeology can be a good university course in Nigeria if you are interested in history and anthropology. While the job market may not be as extensive as other fields, there are opportunities in academia, cultural resource management, and heritage conservation.

When choosing a program, consider faculty expertise and research opportunities. Archaeology can be fulfilling if you’re passionate about uncovering the past.

How Many Years Does it Take to Study Archaeology in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, studying archaeology typically requires four years to complete a bachelor’s degree program. This duration may vary depending on the specific university and program requirements. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree, students can pursue further education, such as master’s or doctoral degrees, which may take additional years to complete.

Which University is the Best for Studying Archaeology?

Among the Universities offering archaeology in Nigeria, the University of Ibadan is one of the top choices for studying archaeology. It has a well-established Department of Archaeology and Anthropology with experienced faculty, extensive research opportunities, and a solid academic reputation.

Where Can Archaeology University Graduates Work in Nigeria?

Archaeology university graduates in Nigeria can find employment opportunities in academia, cultural resource management, museums, government agencies, heritage tourism, and NGOs.N.G.O.sy may work as lecturers, researchers, field archaeologists, curators and community development initiatives.


Students interested in Archaeology should check school requirements, such as JAMB and WAEC subject combinations, to increase their chances of admission.


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