Universities in Nigeria Offering Information/Media Studies

Do you know the list of universities in Nigeria that offer information/media studies? This article will give you the complete list of universities offering this course. So, if you want to take this course, this post is perfect for you. Knowing the list of universities offering this course is essential if you want to study it at a university.

Universities in Nigeria Offering Information/Media Studies

Information/Media Studies is an interdisciplinary field that explores the creation, dissemination, and impact of information in various media forms. It encompasses various communication, technology, culture, and society topics.

Thus, students should also conduct studies about the universities, such as their admission requirements, school fees, and other helpful information. Also, we will provide additional information you need tp know about this course. Below is the list of Universities in Nigeria offering this course.

Nigeria Federal University Offering Information/Media Studies

Unfortunately, only one university in Nigeria offers Information/Media Studies. However, this university is fantastic, and you can study there.

  • University of Abuja

This Fedral university is in Northern Nigeria, P.M.B. 2 Kwale, Delta State. It is a good place to study this course. The university also offers various other courses. You can visit the website below for more information about this university.

Click Here: ABUJA

Where Can Information/Media Studies Graduates Work?

Graduates in this field typically work in various settings where their expertise is valued. Here are some places where Information/Media Studies graduates may find employment.

  • Digital Media Specialist
  • Content Creator/Writer
  • Journalist/Reporter
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Information Analyst/Researcher
  • Media Planner/Buyer
  • User Experience (UX) Designer
  • Digital Archivist/Curator
  • Academic Researcher/Educator
  • Freelance Consultant/Entrepreneur

Is Information/Media Studies a Good Course?

This course is fantastic for studying in Nigeria. In today’s digital age, where information is abundant, and media plays a significant role in shaping society, studying Information/Media Studies can provide valuable insights into the dynamics of media industries, journalism, advertising, and communication technologies.

Is Information/Media Studies Hard to Study?

It depends on your level of interest and motivation. However, you might find this course a little complex depending on some factors and these factors are ;

  • Individual aptitude
  • Academic background
  • Faculty and Resources
  • Interdisciplinary Approach
  • Interest and Passion

Years to Study Information/Media Studies in Nigeria Universities

Information/Media Studies is a four-year course at the university, and that is if students have carryover. The years you will spend studying this course will vary depending on your chosen university. However, it rang for four years.

Best University to Study Information/Media Studies in Nigeria

As we know, only one university in Nigeria offers this course: the University of Abuja. Therefore, students have no choice but to choose this university if they want to study this course in Nigeria. However, this university is fantastic, and you can study this course.


Students should also note that they might find this course competitive. Therefore, they should do well and get good grades. They should also use the correct subject combination for their jamb/waec.


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