How to Refresh Your Media Library in VLC for Android

Are you struggling to refresh your media library in VLC for Android? If yes, this article has the important steps you need to achieve this. Although, You must document and put it to heart in order to make it easy for you to refresh your media library in VLC for Android.

How to Refresh Your Media Library in VLC for Android

How to Download VLC for Android?

There has been this frequently asked question which is can I download VLC for Android? Yes, you can, there are just steps to get it done. You should have it in mind before you make up your mind to refresh your media library in VLC for Android, the VLC app for Android must be present on your phone. Thus, the steps to download are stated below.

These are;

  • Make sure your Android’s Google Play Store is opened, after which you will tap the Google Play Store app icon, if you are illiterate about the app, it resembles a multicoloured triangle on a white background.
  • At the top of the screen will be seen the search bar, tap it, your Android’s on-screen keyboard will appear.
  • Then type in VLC once the VLC page is opened, after which you will tap VLC for Android in the resulting drop-down menu.
  • Lastly, on the right side of the page or screen tap INSTALL. Doing so will definitely prompt the installing of VLC onto your Android. If by any means prompted, just tap ALLOW after tapping INSTALL to confirm the download. Then you can open and use your VLC app.

How to Use VLC for Android?

Have you been illiterate on the usage of the VLC? It’s okay, in this article will be given the various ways of using the VideoLAN VLC Android app, have it in mind that refreshing the media library in VLC for Android is mostly done if there are difficulties in using the VLC for Android, thus, there are ways to use it.

These are;

  • Load or stream a file
  • Adjustment of videos and audio
  • The synchronicity of audio and videos.
  • Used for adding subtitles.
  • Changing options can be changed on it.

What are the Steps to Refresh Your Media Library in VLC for Android?

When it comes to refreshing your media library in VLC for Android, it’s something very easy to achieve because there are ways or steps to get it done.

These are;

  • The first step to make is to go to Settings on your Android Phone.
  • Afterwards, go to “Application Manager” which is under the “General” tab.
  • Under “All”, go to the tab that lists or outlines all that Phone’s Applications.
  • Scroll down until you see the “Media storage”. Select this option.
  • Then the selection of the option which clearly says “Clear Data” should be done once the new page opens.
  • Turn off your phone the moment the data has been cleared.
  • Turn your phone back on again.
  • Finally, your media library will certainly be refreshed.

Now that you understand what refreshing media VLC for Android entails, it will be easier for you to get it done without struggling with it anymore.

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