How to Enter a Security Code on Your Facebook Account

One approach to secure and protect your Facebook account is through the Facebook Code Generator. This code is known as a security code and Facebook uses two-step verification to allow you to log in from a new computer or phone. That said, in this article, we will focus on how to enter a security code on Facebook.

How to Enter a Security Code on Your Facebook Account

A security code is a six-digit confirmation number that will be required whenever you or anyone else accesses your account from an unknown device and the Facebook code generator is a security feature that protects your account against illegal access from a strange device.

Features of the 6-Digit Security Code on Facebook

The six-digit confirmation code can be found in the Facebook app. Meanwhile, users are to note that each generated code has a 30-seconds to 60-seconds expiration duration.

Well, you can use the code generator if you don’t have access to the internet or are unable to receive SMS. Another feature of a security code from Facebook Code Generator is that it can be used to reset passwords.

How to Get a Security Code on Facebook

Firstly, you need to turn on the two-step verification to get your security code on your login attempt. Here are ways to get a security code below:

  • By using the six-digit security code supplied to your phone as a text message.
  • Through the app’s settings and privacy, you can get a security code from your code generator.
  • By tapping your security key which is the two-factor authentication on a compatible device.
  • Use a security code from a third-party app you’ve linked to your Facebook account, such as a third-party authentication app.
  • You can approve your login attempt if you’re using a Facebook-enabled device.
  • Use one of your printed recovery codes from the setting and log in under the two-factor authentication.

Where to Find the Facebook Code Generator

You must use the mobile device that you regularly use to visit Facebook or the device that you enabled the code generator from to acquire the Facebook code generator. As such, before you can get a security code for Facebook the code generator must be enabled. This is where to find it:

  • Open the Facebook Android or iOS application.
  • Select “more options” from the drop-down menu next to “notifications.”
  • You’ll find a Code Generator option under “Help & Settings.”
  • Select “Code Generator” from the drop-down menu. It will generate a six-digit confirmation code for you.

How to Enter a Security Code on Facebook

When You use a new device to access your Facebook account, Facebook sends a security code to your phone for You to enter on the log in page. However, you must enable Facebook this security feature for your Facebook account in order to enter a security code generated.

  1. Click on the “Account” tab from your Facebook homepage and select “Account Settings.”
  2. Tap the “Security” option on the left side of your Facebook account.
  3. Click “Edit” next to “Login Approvals.”
  4. Check the box next to “Require me to enter a security code.”
  5. Click “Next” on the “Turn on Login Approvals” pop-up box.
  6. Use the drop-down menu next to “Country Code” to select your country code.
  7. Enter your mobile phone number into the “Phone Number” field.
  8. Click “Continue.” Facebook will now send a security code to your mobile phone.

Now, enter the security code into the vacant field and click “Next” to verify your mobile phone number. You will now receive a verification code to your mobile phone each time you use another computer or device to log in to your Facebook account.

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