How to Invite Someone to a Facebook Messenger Date

Facebook dating continues to be a success with Facebook adding more features to it as the day goes by. During the lockdown, Facebook decided to introduce a feature called Virtual dates which lets people go on virtual dates. As this feature is fairly new it’s important that we show you How to Invite Someone to a Facebook Messenger Date.

How to Invite Someone to a Facebook Messenger Date

Note: This feature is directly linked with the Facebook Messenger application and lets you do video calls with potential dates.

Brief Details About the Facebook Virtual Dates Feature

During COVID-19 Facebook decided to add a new feature to its Facebook dating application which is called virtual dates. This feature lets Facebook dating users make video calls with potential dates and matches via the Facebook Messenger application.

In other words, you can do video chats with a potential date without having to add the person as a friend. It helps to create meaningful connections without having to meet one another at the start.

The Facebook virtual date feature now lets users who are already using FB dating invite and video call someone they like via messenger. Yeah, users get to invite matches to participate in a video call using Facebook Messenger.

How to Invite Someone to a Messenger Date via Facebook Dating

You and I both know that in order to use this feature you must have the Facebook dating feature enabled and Facebook Messenger installed on your device. To download Facebook Messenger is easy just head over to the App Store or play store and search for Facebook Messenger. Once the search result is out download the application and you are good to go.

On the other hand, you need to opt into Facebook dating. To do so tap on the Facebook menu icon and select dating Finally create a profile.


Lastly, after doing that to invite someone to a Facebook messager date you will have to wait until you get matched. Once you have gotten a match you can now decide to invite a particular match to virtual dating on Facebook messenger with a video call.

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