How to Locate & Activate the Facebook Free Mode Option for iPhones

If you are an iPhone user and would like to activate the Facebook free mode, read on as it will be given in this content. How can I activate Facebook free mode for my iPhone? iPhone users always asked this question but there is no need to worry as this content will be providing an adequate answer to that question.

How to Locate & Activate the Facebook Free Mode Option for iPhones

We all know that the purpose of Facebook is to make one connect with family and friends from anywhere worldwide, share what is on your mind, discover what going on in the world, discover lasted videos on Facebook watch, and a lot more.

There are also more features of the platform like Facebook games, Newsfeeds, Facebook messenger meant for messaging, and a lot too many to mention. The two-mode in Facebook include data mode and free mode.

Data mode in Facebook requires an internet connection and it gives you Facebook in full that is to say it allows watch videos from the Facebook Watch, view images, and a lot more and the data mode is what you get once you are login into your Facebook account. Details about the Free Mode and how to use it on iPhone are given below.

About the Facebook Free Mode

The help users save data, the users can use Facebook for free. The leverage to use Facebook without internet bandwidth is the Facebook free mode. You can use this mode to chat on Facebook for free for as long as you can but, there are certain restrictions when using Facebook free mode which will be given below:

It denies users access to some features like

  • Viewing of Pictures
  • Watching Videos and
  • Audio

NOTE: Facebook created this free mode for countries with slower internet connections and countries in which data costs a lot. The majority of the countries that offer Facebook free mode are in Africa, while some countries are in Latina America and Asia. Facebook created this free mode to run with a 2G speed which means it’s not as fast as Facebook with a data plan.

How to Activate the Facebook Free Mode for iPhones

Like I said earlier I will be bringing the complete details on how to activate free mode for iPhone so if you would like to use Facebook for free on your iPhone, I will be giving the steps below on how to do it

  • Log in to the Facebook mobile app
  • You will find an inscription in a rectangle that says “Go to Free” on the top left corner of the page
  • Click on the Go to Free option
  • Verify your action

Which these steps you can activate Facebook free mode for iPhone.


Open this link for the other sure way, that it can be done via a web browser.

How to Download Facebook Messenger for iPhone

With the Facebook messenger app, you can communicate with your friend on Facebook and also with your phone contacts. It is a mobile app that can be used for sharing photos, videos, instant messaging, group chats, and audio messaging. If you would like to download the Facebook messenger app on your iPhone, the steps will be given below

  • First of all, connect your device to the internet
  • On your device, open the App Store
  • Using the search icon search for Facebook Messenger
  • Once seen, click install to start downloading.

With these steps, you can download the Facebook messenger on your iPhone device.

With these when you are trying to activate Facebook free mode on your iPhone device why not try out the steps given above and can swap your Facebook from data mode to free mode without any stress.

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