How to Start a Conversation on Facebook Dating

If you have been using the Facebook dating feature and you want to learn how to start a conversation on it continue reading. Before, Facebook introduced the Facebook dating feature so many have already been dating using the Facebook application. Some even go as far as to send nudes to someone they feel like they are interested in on the Facebook platform.

How to Start a Conversation on Facebook Dating

Others try to date the person online and talk about meeting up sometimes. That was all in the past until Facebook dating landed about 3 years ago. The feature was intended to help the over 200 million singles find dates.

Facebook Dating Opting in Option

Like I have said in the introduction of this article Facebook dating has been available for about 3 years now. But still, it is not yet available in all regions of the world just only in a few. If you base in a region where Facebook dating is not available then you have to look elsewhere for dating. However, if you are in a region where dating is available then you are good to go.

In order to use Facebook dating, you must opt-in. Opting in means going to your Facebook profile clicking the heart icon and activating Facebook dating for your account. If you do not do that there is no way you can activate Facebook dating and therefore can’t use Facebook dating.

Once you have typed into Facebook dating it is now time to get prepared to start your Facebook dating journey.

Facebook Dating Profile

Without properly taking the time to set up your dating profile it might be difficult for you to get matched with those you actually want. You see Facebook dating works by matching individuals with all the individuals depending on their profile. On your profile on Facebook dating, there is an option where you state your preference to get matched with. That doesn’t mean you will let the other side of your Facebook profile slide, you have to properly edit it.

Your Facebook dating profile is what people see and interact with before ever thinking of connecting with you. So if people cannot connect with your dating profile they, therefore, cannot connect with you. That is why it is very important to spend time creating your dating profile.

How to Start a Conversation on Facebook Dating

Now that you have done opting into Facebook dating are creating a very wonderful profile the next step is to start a conversation. Like it or not a good conversation starter is one of the things that will secure your date whether on Facebook or outside. Over the next several days after creating your Facebook dating profile Facebook will start sending you matches. When you see a match you like to carry out the below procedure to start a conversation:

  • Firstly tap the heart icon on Their dating feed.
  • Next is to go to Their profile photo and tap on it.
  • Lastly the option to start a conversation with be displayed tap on and it.
  • Now type a conversation you would like to start with.

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So since the fact that Facebook has matched you with the person, it is 100% likely that’s your conversation would get a reply from the person.

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