How to Improve the Picture Quality of Your Hisense TV

There is no doubt that your new Hisense TV will always look great when it comes out of the box however some users wants more. Yeah, some users may go as far as personalizing the display to make sure they have the best quality out of it. Yeah, You can’t blame them, display preferences differ from person to person. So, if you have one the guide below on How to Improve the Picture Quality of Your Hisense TV is going to be handy.

How to Improve the Picture Quality of Your Hisense TV

About the Hisense TV Picture Quality

Hisense TVs are one of the best and cheapest televisions in the world right now. They are not as costly as LG Sony or Samsung however they do get the job done.

Yeah, so many people think that because they are not as popular as this other brand they do not have a great display or picture quality. They cannot be more wrong because I can testify to the fact that Hisense TVs have good picture quality.

If you are experiencing poor picture quality the problem might just be from your room setting or your Hisense TV display settings. This article will focus on these two aspects to solve your Hisense TV picture quality problem.

Consider these Factors Before Touching Your Hisense TV Picture Settings

Before you go ahead and click on the settings on your Hisense television it is important that some factors. Yeah, users are to take note of these factors before changing their Hisense TV display settings. Your problem might Simply Be your room settings. There are about three factors that affect the display quality of your TV in your room.

If your TV is having a poor display it might be as a result of the lighting in your room. Lighting objects such as light from a window, lamps, bulbs, and other objects can greatly impact and reflect off your television. This can cause you to poor display on your Hisense TV. What you do in this case is tone down the lighting to see if the quality improves.

Also consider the position of your television, if it is positioned too far or above that you will have to stretch your head or give it from a corner.

Most TVs do not have good viewing angles when you view them from the corner. They are meant to be viewed directly opposite not from a certain angle. If your TV is positioned in such a way that is not at the central point you would want to reposition your television.

How to Improve the Picture Quality of Your Hisense TV

Still not okay? Now, this is where You’ll learn How to Improve the Picture Quality of Your Hisense TV, after considering the factors above. Follow the procedure below to adjust your TV preset for better quality.

  • Select a preset that is best for you. There are 5 different preset that you can choose from so make sure to switch between them.
  • After selecting a printed and you still want for the customization you can attend to this other setting. Contrast, Brightness, Backlight Colour Saturation, Colour Temperature, Motion-smoothing and Defaults.


The album solution will solve may solve the problems of poor display quality on your Hisense television. However, a more drastic solution will come in handy in other difficult cases. So, if you still have poor picture quality after adjusting your room setting then head over to your TV settings and carry out the above steps

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