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Gombe state has fun places you can take your kids to. Having fun can be healthy for your kids. They don’t always have to be restricted to the four corners of their school walls. Take them out to have some fun.

Gombe Kids Fun Places to Visit; Top 13 Places

Top 13 Fun Places to Take Your Kids in Gombe State

Kids also deserve to relax and have fun. Everyone loves to have fun and Gombe state has tons and tons of fun places you can take your kids to. Here are 13 fun places in Gombe state, Nigeria;

1. Blu Lounge and Restaurant:

This is a very comfortable place for you to take your kids to. They also have a nice and tasty variety of food. They also have music. You can chill at the same time.

2. Abubakar Umar Memorial Stadium, Gombe:

This stadium was originally the home of Gombe FC. This stadium is used for football matches amongst the locals of Gombe state. You can take your kids here to watch the matches, they can even play if they want.

3. One Of The Fun Places You Can Take Your Kids to In Gombe State Is the Emir of Gombe Palace:

This is the residence of the emir of Gombe. This is one of the few places that hold cultural history in Gombe state. The architectural design of this place is amazing and it also has side attractions. You might even be lucky enough to meet the Emir.

4. Aroma Restaurant:

This is one of the best restaurants in the whole of Gombe. They have different types of delicacies from fried rice to semo with soup. They also have snacks like chicken and chips and soft drinks. You know your kids would love to eat chicken and chips.

5. Gombe Lawanti International Airport:

This is an international airport that is sometimes called Sanni Abacha international airport. The place is open to tourists and what better place for a kid to have fun than a tourist attraction site? Your kids get to see live aeroplanes.

6. The Mbormi Battle Ground in Gombe Is Also a Fun Place for Kids:

You’ll want to go along to this place with you. This place is somewhat of a religious site for the inhabitants of Gombe. So, if you’re going as a lady make sure to cover your hair. This place has been proposed to be listed as one of the World Islamic Heritage.

7. Dados Foods:

This place is so nice. It has a very neat environment with cordial staff. The food is also delicious and it has a refreshing atmosphere.

8. S&S Fried Chicken:

This is by far no doubt the home of chicken in Gombe state. They have the best fried, deep-fried and grilled chicken. They serve anything with chicken.

9. What Better Fun Place for Your Kids in Gombe Than Kids Park:

This place was specially built for your kids. I mean, it’s literal in its name; kids’ park. They have almost everything if not all to satisfy your kids.

This is an awesome place that gives your kids a fun outdoor experience. They have swings, merry-go-rounds and other things for your kids to have fun.

10. BraveRock Sports And Recreational Park:

This park is a family recreational spot. There’s also a playground for your kids which features slides, merry-go-round and even swings. Amazing right? There’s also where you can get food to eat.

11. Lake Dadin Kowa, Gombe:

This lake is a beautiful place and a sight to behold. It is a source of electricity support for Gombe state and serves as an irrigation system. The best part about this place is that you can go swimming here. Right? Who wouldn’t love swimming?

12. Eating Is Fun for Kids. Makay Shawarma in Gombe Is the Place for Them:

This place is it. It is well furnished with a neat environment and cordial staff. Here they have a variety of delicacies for you and your kids.

Here you can also get shawarma, asun (roasted turkey) roasted fish, pizza, cakes and many more. It really is the place for you and your kids to try out new things with your taste buds.

13. Gombe Zoo:

The zoo is one place that tour kids would love. Seeing animals in action is one thing that naturally fascinates kids. This place has different kinds of animals and specimens. Besides, it’s the only zoo in Gombe state.


You definitely should visit at least two or three of these places if not all. And if by chance you are in Gombe state with your kids, you should take your kids to some of these places to have fun.

Subsequently, if you’re looking for where to take your kids to spoil them with lots of fun and enjoyment, and you don’t know anywhere in Gombe state to take them, look no further because this list is specially made for you. Have fun with your kids!

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