13 Fun Places to Take Your Kids in Anambra State Nigeria.

Are you in Anambra state and you’re looking for fun places to take your kids to? yeah, you are in the right article because here you will see the best fun places to take your children. If your children have disturbed that they want to go somewhere nice like an amusement park or museum etc.

Anambra Kids Fun Places

in the next part of this article, you’re going to see the places you can take your children to and they will b happy

Fun Places to Take Your Kids in Anambra State Nigeria.

Here you will see so many fun places that you can take your kids to any they surely appreciate because these places are fantastic. Here they are;

1. Onitsha Mall is Part of Those Fun Places in Anambra For Kids 

Some of you may be asking how will a mall be good for my kid well that is one good question. Yeah, Onitsha mall has so many luxury international stores to local retail stores. This is the largest formal retail shopping centre in Onitsha and is one of the most iconic malls in South East Nigeria. it is located in Park Street Onitsha G.R.A. Here is their official Facebook page.

This place is really a fun place to take your kids to.

2.Crunchies Fried Chicken, Onitsha, Anambra

This place is good for your kids because they provide you with mouth-watering meals that will lift your spirits. Also, give you this feeling of what it means to dine with class. They are located at 51 Oguta Rd. Onitsha. here is the link to their official site

3. Agulu Crocodile Lake, Anambra

Agulu Crocodile Lake is located along Awka road in Agulu. The lake is home to about three hundred crocodiles and water turtles. History suggests that these crocodiles were pivotal in delivering the town from enemy soldiers during the Nigerian civil war. Here is the official Facebook page

4. The Obi of Onitsha Palace Description

The Obi of Onitsha Palace. This is the residence of the traditional ruler and head of the Onitsha Kingdom. Also called ‘Ime Obi’, it is the site for a lot of festivals and events and is a major tourist attraction in the state. This is one fun place to take your kids this place is located at Awka Road, Onitsha

5. Shoprite Mall, Onitsha, is Part of Those Fun Places in Anambra For Kids 

Here, all your shopping needs are met under one roof, from groceries to high fashion boutiques and the food court with all its variety of Continental and African food. This is one of those fun places that are good for your kids. As the slogan goes, it is “The Right Place to Shop”. it is located at Park Road, Onitsha GRA

6. Anambra State Government Secretariat

This is the permanent administrative office of the Anambra State Government. This is one of the most important places in the state. In this place, your kids can learn so many things about the government. This place is located Off Nnamdi Azikiwe Avenue.

7. Rojenny Tourist Village, Anambra

It is notable for its close resemblance to Disney world and its welcoming ambience.

Ever wished to go to Hawaii with its beaches and nice views? Well, if you don’t know that Nigeria has something better than that because they have a wide range of games, a swimming pool, a zoo, a recreational centre, a restaurant, and hotels and we know that your children will love this. Their wide range of facilities makes us a dream tourist site.

This place is the true meaning of a Fun place. it is located at Oba, Idemili South local government area of Anambra State, just outside the market town of Onitsha, Owerri-Onitsha Expressway.

8. Archaeology Igbo Ukwu Description 

Igbo Ukwu was discovered in 1938. It is notable as the site of the famous Igbo Ukwu bronze works. It was built by Isaiah Anozie. Igbo Ukwu is a town in Anambra famous for its highly sophisticated bronze pieces dating back to the ninth century which has given it international acclaim.

The works excavated are some of the earliest works of art known to the region. Here is a place that can teach our Kids about the origin of Nigeria.

9. River Niger Bridge is Part of Those Fun Places in Anambra For Kids 

The River Niger Bridge is built to serve as a link between the western state and the eastern part of Nigeria. This is why our kids never forget history and it is located at Asaba

10. Supreme Taste Fries and Restaurant, Anambra

Offering a touch of “Mama’s Kitchen” to their restaurant services, Supreme Taste Fries and Restaurant provides a home-away-from-home dining experience for its customers. your kid will love this place because their taste buds must be satisfied

11. Ogbunike Caves, Anambra

These are a collection of caves that have been in use for centuries. Discovered by a hunter named Ukwa, it is situated in a valley blanketed by tropical rain forests behind the “Ogba Hills”. It was a place where Africans hid from slave-raiding parties during the slave trade era.

12. Cofi Lounge, Anambra.

A trip to Awka without popping into its fun spots is lacking. Awka is home to a bustling young populace that knows how to work and party. If partying is on your mind, this is the spot to start from.

Cofi Lounge is an entertainment nightclub with sophisticated luxury to suit your best taste. this is one of those places that are good to go with your family as a whole

13. Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University is Part of Those Fun Places in Anambra For Kids 

Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University creates a state-run tertiary institution to give people access to higher education. Built by Anambra State Government in 2000. Formerly known as the Anambra State University, it is an established centre for learning and self-improvement. This place will make our kids use good use of their lives.

Take Away On 15 Fun Places to Take Your Kids in Anambra State Nigeria

All these places listed above are those fun locations in Anambra state that when you take your children they will forever thank you. and am sure of location No.7 because I have been there and I will always say is one of those fun places to take your kids in Anambra state

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