Is there a Facebook Dating App for Windows 10 Devices?

Facebook is a social media platform that offers a lot of services and it has many features as well. Facebook works perfectly on any device that connects to the internet even in feature phones. Facebook has a mobile app version and the web version, you just have to choose the one that suits you most. Facebook dating is one of the most recent features of Facebook. Since Facebook dating started rolling out, several people have been asking and waiting for Facebook dating for Windows 10.

Is there a Facebook Dating App for Windows 10 Devices?

Instagram is integrated with Facebook dating which means that you can share your Instagram post with your Facebook dating profile. With this, you will also be able to add friends to your secret crush list from your Instagram followers and Facebook friends. Facebook secret crush allows you to select nine friends that you crush on, they will be notified but your identity will remain a secret, if any of them is crushing back on you then your identity will be revealed and you are both perfect matches. Facebook dating for Windows 10 is coming soon.

Is there a Facebook Dating App for Windows 10 Devices?

Facebook dating gives you the opportunity to have a relationship with anyone you want. Suggestions will be made for you based on the data you presented when creating your dating profile and you will only be suggested to people who are already using Facebook dating. If you see a suggestion you are interested in, you can just comment on the person’s profile or like the suggestion, whichever you prefer. When Facebook dating for Windows 10 is available, you will be informed.

Though Facebook dating for Windows 10 is not yet available it works perfectly on Android and iOS devices with the latest version of Facebook. Once you run the latest version of Facebook mobile you will be able to access Facebook dating by just tapping the heart icon on the main menu on the Facebook homepage.

At the stage of creating your dating profile, you will be asked to submit some personal information, you can also include info and photos from your main Facebook profile and you can remove it anytime. You will need to state your gender and select a gender you are interested in, this will be used in selecting suggestions for you and it will not be uploaded on your dating profile. To be able to use Facebook dating, the minimum age requirement is 18 years old.

How to Activate Facebook Dating

Facebook dating for Windows 10 is not yet available, so it cannot be activated since it isn’t available. If you have an Android phone or an iPhone you can activate Facebook dating with the following steps.

  1. Ensure your mobile data is on
  2. Launch the Facebook app and login
  3. Tap on the red heart icon at the top of the home page

After completing the above steps you will be taken to Facebook dating. You can also activate Facebook dating from your profile.

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