Mind-Blowing Tricks on How to Win Your Opponents on Facebook Messenger Soccer Game

Cheats and hack on How to Win Your Opponents on Facebook Messenger Soccer Game is what a lot of people are searching for. If you are among those searching for the same thing then, luckily for you this content will help end your search. So read to the end and prepare to defeat your opponent.

Mind-Blowing Tricks on How to Win Your Opponents on Facebook Messenger Soccer Game

Facebook Messenger Football game is one of the top messenger games around, and you do not need anyone to tell you how fun it is, because it is really fun. So far, the game has attracted the attention of 15 million players who are obviously in love with the game.

About the Facebook Messenger Soccer Game

One of the best parts of the Facebook Messenger Soccer game is that you get to play this game with your friends on Facebook which in turn creates a stronger connection between your FB friends. Unlike other soccer games, this game is a different kind of game when it comes to playing. The main idea behind this game is to constantly keep the ball in the air i.e. the ball is expected to continually be on the air.

In other to keep the ball in the air, you are required to keep dribbling it because when it hits the ground, the game is over. People playing the game often have issues with keeping the ball up in the air, which is why I would be giving you tricks on how to win the game.

Mind-Blowing Tricks on How to Win Facebook Messenger Football Game

If you have never taken part in this kind of game before and you wish to win, then follow the steps stated below.

  • First, you are required to download “game killer App” from your Apple Appstore google play store, or the windows store.
  • Then, dribble the ball (Once) and then open up the game killer app
  • After that, click “Auto identify” (Be patient until you see the search is done)
  • After that “Unpause” and then get back to the game
  • Dribble again (Two times) and then go over the steps again
  • Follow the sequence with an easy sequence with an increase in dribbles.

And you try to keep up with the sequence, click and then input the score your desire. Get back to the game and you would find the new score you inputted. With this cheat, your friends would be amazed at your score.

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