What is the Difference Between the “Standard Showmax” and “Showmax Pro” Plan? CHECK NOW

Showmax can be considered as one of the best online streaming services in Africa this goes without saying. However, there is a little bit of confusion and missus about the package or subscription plan this platform has to offer. People need to know the Difference Between Showmax and Showmax Pro subscription plans which will come in handy.

Difference Between Showmax and Showmax Pro Plan

Yeah, people ask and Google search severally for the Difference Between Showmax and Showmax Pro Plan? Obviously, the difference is the “Pro”. So in this article, we will explore what the Pro adds to the experience and by the end, you would know the difference.

About Showmax

If you are in Africa you must know about DStv and GOtv because these are the top cable services in the continent. They are owned by a company called multichoice which offers a lot of African content for the African community.

Since the world is going in the direction of online streaming services multichoice has decided to have a part in that. That is why they introduce a new service called showmax to go along with their two major cable networks.

Showmax was introduced around 2015 and since then has taken the African continent by storm. Most people who are technologically advanced enough in Africa no longer use cable Networks. Rather they opt to get a Showmax subscription to cut the cord.

Note: Showmax is not only used in Africa, many other continents also make use of this service to view African content.

Showmax Subscription Plans

Showmax has 2 major subscription plans which are the normal Showmax plan and the showmax mobile plan. The normal showmax plan has the standard plan and the pro plan, also the mobile plan has the standard plan and the mobile Pro plan.

The showmax mobile plan is just a mobile device plan of the normal showmax plan. This means that they are basically the same thing except for the mobile plan only works on mobile devices.

Difference Between Standard Showmax and Showmax Pro

– Standard Plan

The standard showmax subscription costs  99 ZAR, 2900 NGN, 760 KSH, 22.99 GHC, and 30,400 UGX monthly in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, and Uganda respectively. The subscription costs $7.99 monthly in the rest of Africa. But if you are DStv subscribers get a 50% discount. This is a major Difference Between Showmax and Showmax Pro

You also get a 14-day free trial. With that amount, you get access to download and stream movies and TV series from thousands of international and local channels including kids channels. There is no spot or musical channels included in this package.

– Showmax Pro Plan

When it comes to the Showmazx pro subscription things changed drastically. Now if you are going for the pro it will cost you 449 ZAR, 6300 NGN, 119.99 GHC, 67,200 UGX, and 2100 KES a month in  South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, and Kenya respectively. While for other parts of Africa you get it for $17.99. This Pro plan does not have a free trial period.

Here is the difference when you pay for this plan you will have access to all the channels in the standard plans plus access to spot and musical channels that are not available in the standard plan. With this plan, you can catch or your favourite football league and your music shows live for a token more.

How to Upgrade Your Subscription Plan

Now that You know the Difference Between Showmax and Showmax Pro, you may want to subscribe to the latter plan. If you have the Showmax standard plan and you want to upgrade to the “Pro” plan it’s easy to do. Follow the below procedure:

  • Open your show max app and log in.
  • Now tap on any channel that is not available in your plan and you will see the option to upgrade.
  • Tap on upgrade and carry out the on-screen prompt.

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