DStv Movie Channels with their Respective Numbers to Watch Movies and TV Series

No doubt, DStv is the major cable streaming giant in Africa and has its hook deep in our (African) blood. Yeah, Almost all household in supported African countries has it. On that note, there are lots of options to choose from but if you are in Africa only one option stands out which is DStv. That’s why this article is here for those in search of the DStv Movie Channels with their respective Numbers.

All the DStv Movie Channels List with Numbers 2021

I always say that there is nothing that can be compared to that feeling of watching movies with your family when back from work. To me, that is the best part of the day when you get to enjoy a good movie with your family after the day’s stress. So, African users out there in search of DStv Movie Channels and Numbers, the details are all below.

About the DStv Cable Network

Dstv (Digital Satellite Television) is a cable network streaming service that is owned and operated by a company called Multichoice. This company also owns another cheap cable service called GOtv are also the owners of the popular showmax.

For a very long time in Africa DStv has gone unrivalled until Netflix and other services take to being. So to compete Multichoice has to adapt and come out With its Own Online Streaming Service Showmax.

Showmax offers all the content that DStv offers with a very distinct advantage the ability to stream movies online and download them also. DStv has lots of channels that on a regular basis show lots of action movies and TV series and will explor all these channels on this article.

Which DStv Subscription Packages can Access the Movie Channels 

Before we go ahead and blab about all the tough channels that DStv have that all show regular actions and series let’s look at the sub. It is important to know that not all dstv plans have these channels viewable.

The only plan that will give you all these channels on the DStv network is the highest plan which is the DStv premium subscription plan. This plan is quite expensive to go far but if you would like a few of these channels you can get the Compact or Compact plus plan. Or better still go for Showmax streaming instead.

DStv Movie Channels with their Respective Numbers 

For those looking for DSTV Movie Channels with Numbers to Watch Action Movies and Series, here they are. Below is the complete list of all the channels that show action movies and TV series on the DStv network:

Channel Number

DSTV Action Movie Channels Name

101 M-Net
102 M-Net Edge
103 M-Net Movies Premiere
104 M-Net Movies Comedy
105 M-Net Movies Family
106 M-Net Movies Action+
107 M-Net Movies Romance
108 M-Net Movies Showcase
110 M-Net Movies Action
111 M-Net Movies Stars
112 Studio Universal
114 Vuzu Amp
115 M-Net City
116 Vuzu
125 Fox
126 Fox Crime
127 Sony Channel
128 Sony Max
137 Turner Classic Movies
138 True Movies 1
139 M-Net Movies Zone


Hope You know to access all the above DStv Channels List above You must have the DStv premium subscription plan or even the last powerful compact or compact plus. The Compact or Compact Plus package is manageable.

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