Can Using a VPN Stop You from Encountering DMCA Notices? Check to Know How to Avoid it

Can Using a VPN Stop DMCA Notice, you will get the detailed answer in this post. Sometimes, you may receive a DMCA notice from the owner of the material that participated in torrenting a file like a TV Show, a movie or even an album. With this, you might be wondering how to stop it or avoid it. But one of the ways is by using a VPN.

Can Using a VPN Stop You from Encountering DMCA Notices? Check to Know How to Avoid it

A lot of people have been asking this question globally and this is very important the reason why they ask it are best known to them.  This article will tell you what you need to know about a DMCA notice and also bring other information that you might find very helpful.

What You Need to Know About a DMCA Notices

It is very important that you know a brief detail about a DMCA notice and below we will tell you about it. Digital Millennium Copyright Act in short “DMCA” is a united law that in existed since 1998. The reason for this law is to fight against copyright violations online.

If you usually download movies, albums and songs from torrent sites online, you may receive a DMCA notice. It is important that you know, that this law doesn’t affect internet users who just use the service to check emails or just browse the internet.

A lot of valid reasons are available while using torrent sites. If You download copyrighted content, you are breaking the DMCA law. There are risks that you will likely receive a notice.

There is no need for a panic upon receiving the first Digital Millennium Copyright Act “DCMA” notice, this is because you are not being charged with anything. It is just the ISP warning you that they are aware of what you are doing online. With this, no further action will be against you but if you repeat the offence continually, you might be taken to court.

What You Need to Know About Torrenting

Now, it is also important that you know about torrenting and how it works. It is a distributed P2P (peer-to-peer) system. With this, it allows a lot of users to download a file at the same time and this file is then distributed directly between multiple users at the same time. To join a torrent swarm, that will start the download, the users load a torrent file into their preferred torrenting program.

This program further connects and then connects to a torrent tracker which contains the list of the rest users who are at the same time downloading the given file. The file is not downloaded in order but in pieces and once you have a piece, you can share it with other users that don’t have that particular piece.

Users who don’t have the pieces are leechers and those who have completed the file are seeds.

Can Using a VPN Stop DMCA Notices? How to Avoid DMCA Notice

Can using a VPN stop DMCA notice? If you are among those asking this question, you will get the detailed answer below. You should do that while torrenting, your IP address identifies you. And with this, DMCA lawyers can use to track you online and know your country and location.

But the use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) can disguise you. This is because a VPN service tunnels all your outgoing and incoming internet traffic through a server. This server works with an encrypted connection. When you use this, your traffic is encrypted over the link between your ISP and you.

The copyright holder will now only be able to determine the torrent to your VPN IP rather than tracing a torrent file to your ISP. So the answer to this question is NO as the VPN will disguise you.

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