Complete List of iPhones that WhatsApp will Stop Working on in 2022

WhatsApp is now so popular due to what it offers, that when it stops working for some people it would be very sad. But the good news is this article is about the complete list of iPhones that WhatsApp will stop working for. If your device is on this list then you should start considering alternatives before WhatsApp stop working for you.

List of iPhones that WhatsApp Will Stop Working On

Let me tell you this right now most people cannot go 5 minutes without looking at Their phones. The average user spends hours looking at and operating their phones on a daily basis.

Now the main thing why people cannot stay away from their phones is because of the WhatsApp application. This application is so popular billions of users spend hours on it daily.

Facts About WhatsApp

What’s up as we all know is the most used social media platform for both business and personal use. One way or other billions of users are using this platform on a daily basis. WhatsApp has grown so popular that even the recent blackout caused its owner to lose more than 7 Billion on both WhatsApp and Facebook.

By this, I meant the few hours that WhatsApp stopped working 2 days ago. That is why it will not be a good thing for users who WhatsApp is going to stop working.

2021 has less than three months until it is over and WhatsApp has announced that on November 1st WhatsApp will stop working for so many devices. This should be a theme of concern for so many people who still use this device today.

On the 1st of November 2021, WhatsApp is ending support for some Android and iOS devices but we will only focus on iPhones in this article.

If you use an old iPhone or Android device then there is every need for you to worry because your device is likely not going to be supported.

WhatsApp Will Stop Working on These iPhones

WhatsApp status this very clearly that come out on November 1st iOS devices that are running iOS 9 or older will no longer support the WhatsApp application. So if you have any of these devices running iOS 9 or older you should start looking for an alternative before the deadline.

For users that have a device that runs on android OS below jellybean 4.1 then you need to start considering other options. However, for some of these Android users, there might be an update for you that will upgrade your phone to a higher Android OS.

It is recommended you do this as soon as possible or else face the consequence of not being able to use WhatsApp.

Below is the list of iPhones that WhatsApp will no longer support come November:

  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 6S
  • iPhone 6S Plus
  • iPhone 6
  • All iPhone 5
  • All iPhone 4 and below

There you have it now, you have seen the complete list of iPhones that WhatsApp Messenger will stop working on. Now it’s let for you to find an alternative before the deadline is reached. For android users that have an update but have not updated it’s high time, you do so.

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