5 Sure Ways on How to Report Bloggers Copying Your Website Original Content

Sometimes when carrying out some research on the internet it might come to a point where you will notice content that looks exactly like the one you wrote. When it comes to this point, what you should note is that bloggers have already copied your original content. Most bloggers often don’t know that by doing this they are violating laws. However, there are some steps you can take on How to Report Bloggers Copying Original Content.

5 Sure Ways on How to Report Bloggers Copying Your Website Original Content

When blogger copies your original content, it can be so annoying that they might even rank higher than you concerning the topic.  The act of copying someone content is often regarded as online plagiarism. This content will provide the steps on how to know is Bloggers Copied Original Content and also the steps on How to Report Bloggers Copying Original Content.

How to Know if Bloggers Copied Your Original Content

Before you should report bloggers that copied your content you will need to make sure if the page actually contains the article you wrote. There are also a few steps you need to make in order to do this. Follow the steps below to do that

  • Copy one sentence from the post you wrote
  • Visit the google app
  • Using the search icon presented, search for paste the sentence you copied and search for it using quotation
  • If bloggers have copied your content, different search results will be provided
  • Open all the result given
  • From each of the sites, check if any of them contains part or full of your article

There is also another method you can use to know if someone copied your content using the Google Alert service. To use this feature, follow the steps that will be given below

  • To begin you will need to visit the Google Alert website and to do that click this link
  • in the search query input a portion of your article
  • Input the kind of website you would like to search using the space provided for that
  • Select how often you want the search to be done
  • In order to get the result, provide your email address

Most times if bloggers copy from your contents, it might mean your blog is very popular but there are some ways to stop them.

How to Report Bloggers Copying Original Content

If you noticed that someone is copying your content, there are steps that are available on How to Report Bloggers Copying Original Content. People often want to report this case because it normally has an effect on their blog. However, some bloggers often gave credits to the blog they got their information from so you need to confirm this first. To Report Bloggers Copying Original Content follow the steps below

  • To begin you will have to contact Google and to do that you can click this link
  • Select report a problem
  • From the option provided click the one related to your issue but if there are none relating to yours, you can describe your issue using the icon provided

There are also other methods you can use to carry out this process without actually going through the first method. The list below contains the other method you can use

2. DMCA Take Down

3. Hosting Take Down

4. Google Webmaster Copyright

You should note that when using the first two methods provided on the list, the person you reported the website will be shut down will lead to traffic loss. But if the person you reported didn’t stop after you used the first two methods, then you can apply the third method.

Using the Google Webmaster Copyright

If you would like to use this method then you should note that it can completely lead to the closure of the blog. follow the steps below to use the Google Webmaster Copyright

  • From your web browser, visit the Google Webmaster Copyright original site. You can do that by clicking this link  
  • You will see an option that states “Identify and describe the copyrighted work” there you will have to input the part of your post that was copied
  • After that you will also see an option that states “Where can we see an authorized example of the work?” there you will have to provide a URL where an example of the copyright work can be viewed
  • Ther is also another option with this heading “Location of infringing material” there you will have to provide the URL of the allegedly infringing material that you are asking to remove
  • Click the three boxes that are under the sworn statement
  • Enter your information and that includes your name, the date and your signature
  • Enter the captcha
  • The next step is to select the submit button and click done

When using the Google Webmaster Copyright, the steps in the above list are what you need.

4. Contacting the Website Owner Directly

You can also choose to contact the person directly. To do that just write a mail to the owner of the blog telling him about the consequences of copying someone else content.


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