Reasons Why You can’t Install Messenger on Your iPhone & How to Fix it

Why can’t I Install Messenger on my iPhone? if you’re asking this question, just know you’re among the millions of people facing the issue. The Facebook messenger application is used by billions of people every month so that is bound to be a problem when does users can’t install the app.

Why You can't Install Messenger on Your iPhone

Over the course of the years, many users have been faced with the problem of not being able to install messenger on their iPhones. But on this guide today I will be divulging to you all the steps you can take to solve that problem.

Reason Why You can’t Install Messenger on Your iPhone

There are many reasons why You can’t or won’t be able to Install Messenger on Your iPhone. As I said above if you are facing this problem you are not alone, you are among the millions of people facing it.

Facebook Messenger is one of the most used applications with lots of features people love. So when it goes about not being able to install on iPhones there’s always a problem.

The cause of this is not clearly known however it would not stop us from trying different methods to fix it. As we progress on this article I will be diverging several methods to fix Facebook Messenger problems on your iPhone. All you have to do is follow and try out all these methods to see which one works for you.

How to Fix Facebook Messenger not Installing on Your iPhone

I have listed and have explained in detail some of the solutions that will help you solve this problem. Make sure to try them out. Why You can’t Install Messenger on Your iPhone

1 – You can’t Install Messenger on Your iPhone if the Storage Space is Low

One of the reasons You can’t Install Facebook Messenger is because you have low storage space on your iPhone or iPad device. If this is the case then it is imperative that you free up phone storage space as soon as possible.

2 – Restart your iPhone

So many problems on most devices can clearly be fixed once you do a simple reboot of your device. When you discover that Facebook Messenger is not working on your iPhone you should reboot it instantly. This should be the first thing to try if You can’t Install Messenger on Your iPhone.

3 – Close the Facebook Messenger Application

Another way to try to solve this problem is simply by closing not minimising the Facebook Messenger application. So many people these days leave their mobile phones on for days without closing the apps.

This might cause some of the apps and even the phone to malfunction after days of straight usage. So what you want to do in this case is to totally close the app and reopen it.

4 – Check if there is a Facebook Messenger Update

Another problem that can cause your Facebook Messenger not to install or work might be if there is an update. Solving this problem is simple all you have to do is simply check if there is an Updates and do it.

5 – If You Still can’t Install Messenger on Your iPhone then Try to Reinstall the App

Welcome anytime where you just would have had enough and you just have to delete the application and reinstall it. This can fix the problem especially if you have been using the Facebook application for a long time. All you have to do is head over to your app settings uninstall the Facebook Messenger application and then reinstall it from the App Store.

6 – Check if Facebook Messenger is Down

Sometimes measure social media platforms do go down for quite some time before coming back on. And if Facebook platform is down there is no matter of fix that will make messenger work until its comes back online. You can’t Install Messenger on Your iPhone if this is the cause.

If you have tried every other method I have listed in this article and it didn’t work, it might just be Facebook Messenger general issue. So make sure to check the Internet if Facebook is down before continuing.

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