Full List of Universities in Nigeria Offering Plant Science

This article lists Universities in Nigeria Offering Plant Science. The section below also discusses what you need to know about the course and potential jobs in this field.

List of Universities in Nigeria Offering Plant Science

Plant science studies plants’ structure, functions, growth, evolution, classification, and environmental interactions. It encompasses various sub-disciplines, such as plant physiology, ecology, genetics, morphology, taxonomy, and biotechnology.

Plant scientists mainly investigate the physiological processes that occur within plants, including photosynthesis, respiration, and nutrient uptake. They also study plant development, from seed germination to maturity, and how plants respond to internal and external stimuli such as light, temperature, water, and nutrients.

Plant science is crucial for understanding and addressing a wide range of practical issues, including food security, agriculture, forestry, conservation, environmental sustainability, and the development of renewable resources.

Those with a degree in this course may work in research institutions, universities, government agencies, biotechnology companies, agricultural organizations, and environmental consulting firms.

Now that we have understood what plant science is all about, and this sounds like what you would like to study, see the section below for the list of institutions that offer his course.

Federal Universities in Nigeria Offering Plant Science

Only one federal university in Nigeria offers this course.

Federal University of Technology

Like the federal university, only the Federal University of Technology offers this course.

State Universities 

Only one state university offers this course.

Private Universities Offering Plant Science

Lastly, only one private university offers this course, leaving the candidate with limited options.


Few Nigerian universities offer Plant Science. Candidates interested in the course should ensure they meet the UTME requirement to increase their chances of admission. Lastly, aspiring students should visit the school portal for more information about the course.


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