Full List of Universities in Nigeria Offering Pure & Applied Biology

Do you want to study Pure & Applied Biology? One of the things you need to know if you want to study this course is the list of universities offering it in Nigeria. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the Universities in Nigeria offering pure & applied biology.

List of Universities in Nigeria Offering Pure & Applied Biology

Before we go into the list, let’s look at the meaning of this course. Pure and applied biology focuses on two branches: pure and applied. Pure biology is a fundamental aspect of biology that studies living organisms and their functions for knowledge and understanding.

On the other hand, applied biology focuses on the practical aspect of biological knowledge, using it to address specific problems or challenges society faces. So, this course will teach you the theoretical part of biology and also how to use this knowledge to solve real-life problems.

Unfortunately, not all universities in Nigeria offer pure & applied Biology. Only two universities offer it, and 99.9 percent don’t. Below is the list of universities that offer it.

Nigeria State University Offering Pure & Applied Biology

There is only one state university in Nigeria that offers this course. It is a fantastic university where you can choose to study.

LAUTECH is a state university in western Nigeria, P.M.B. 4000, Ogbomoso, Oyo State. It offers various types of courses aside from pure & applied Biology. For more information, you can check the school website below.

Website: LAUTECH.com

Private University

Also, only one Private university in Nigeria offers pure & applied Biology. However, this university is one of the top private universities you can study in Nigeria.

This university is located in western Nigeria, P.M.B. 284 Iwo Osun State. You can also visit their website below for more information.

Website: Bowen.com


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