Full List of Universities in Nigeria Offering Pure & Applied Physics

This article will discuss the list of Universities in Nigeria Offering Pure & Applied Physics. So, if you are a student looking forward to studying this course at the university, this is a perfect article because we will give you a list of the universities offering this course.

List of Universities in Nigeria Offering Pure & Applied Physics

First, let’s examine the meaning of this course. Pure and applied physics are two branches of physics that have different purposes and approaches.

Pure Physics is a theoretical aspect of physics that deals with the principles and laws governing the behaviour of matter and energy in the universe through mathematical formulations and conceptual models.

Applied Physics, on the other hand, involves applying physical principles and techniques to solve real-world problems and develop new technologies. It deals more with the practical aspect of physics. So, Offering Pure & Applied Physics will teach you the theoretical and practical aspects of physics.

Unfortunately, 99.9 universities in Nigeria do not offer this course. In fact, only one state university offers it, making the course highly competitive. Below is the university that offers pure & applied Physics in Nigeria.

Nigeria State University Offering Pure & Applied Physics

This institution is located in Mubi, northern Nigeria, in the Northern Senatorial District of Adamawa State. Being the only university in Nigeria that offers this course, students will be left with no choice but to choose this school. Nevertheless, this institution is one of the top universities in Nigeria. So, you can decide to study there.

The school also offers different courses besides Offering Pure &Applied Physics. You can check out the school website for more information.

Click Here: ADSU


In conclusion, students should ensure they have good grades to gain admission into the above university. Since only One university in Nigeria offers this course, it will be highly competitive to gain admission into this university.


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