Showmax Subscription Packages & their Respective Prices in 2022

Showmax is one of African number one streaming services which is offered across the continent by the company called MultiChoice. Though with the economic situation of the world, the price of things is going up. Due to this. it is important to know the Showmax 2022 Subscription Packages and their respective Prices.

Showmax 2022 Subscription Packages & their Prices

Multichoice is one of the popular South African companies that operate in Nigeria and are the owners of DStv and GOtv. DStv and GOtv are the most popular cable network in Nigeria and other African countries.

About the Showmax Streaming Platform

One of the things that Africans love to do so much is to come back from work play a home video while they and their family relax. Africa is one of the four continents and most Africans make their living doing very hard labour. So one of the things that help them live through the day is watching movies be it online or on cable.

Now that the world is moving from the era of cable TV to online video streaming Showmax is one of the best in Africa. If you do not know this before no it’s now so much is an online TV streaming service. It gives you access to stream or download any movie you want as far as you pay their subscription fee for the month.

They have a vast collection of content on this platform ranging from movies to series, documentaries, live sports, and kids’ shows. Showmax can be streamed online on their website you can download their app on iOS or Android. Even most popular TVs like Apple TV,  Web OS, and Chromecast can all download the application.

Showmax 2022 Subscription Prices

Now just like most streaming services every customer needs a free trial period to decide whether or not to go for a complete package. That is why Showmax is offering a 14 day free trial period where you can access its complete package.

Once this 14-day free trial period is over you can decide to cancel your subscription or continue. However, if you decide to cancel or continue I have listed and explain the Subscription Prices of 2022 for you.

1. Showmax Subscription Prices for Web Users

Showmax offers 4 packages which are Showmax, Showmax Pro, Showmax Mobile, and Showmax Pro Mobile. Let us know and we will look at all the subscription packages and their price.

– Standard Showmax

This is the standard or you can call it the basic subscription plan That this streaming network has to offer. If you go for this plan you will have access to thousands of local and international series movies kid shows and more.

You can get this plan in Nigeria for 2900 NGN or 99 ZAR, in Ghana 22.99 GHC, and 30,400 UGX in South Africa. Getting this basic plan also gives you access to download any movie.

– Showmax Pro

The Showmax Pro goes for 449 ZAR, 6300 NGN, 119.99 GHC, 67,200 UGX, and 2100 KES in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, and Kenya respectively. This plan does not include a free trial and it cost 17.99 dollars in the rest of Africa. You will be getting all the channels from the standard plan but including music channels, news, and live sports streaming.

2. Showmax Showmax Subscription Prices for Mobile Device Users

– Showmax Mobile

The Showmax mobile is the standard showmax plan But mainly made for smartphones it will not work outside smart devices. You can only register up to five devices and simultaneously stream on only two.

It costs  39 ZAR, 1200 NGN, 16.99 GHC, 11,499 UGX, and 300 KES in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, and Kenya respectively. For the rest of Africa, they can get it for $2.99 only and it comes with a 14-days free trial.

– Showmax Pro for Mobile

The Showmax Pro for Mobile is the same thing as the showmax pro plan. It had the same number of channels from sports movies kids shows and more but for mobile devices.

The subscription fee is 225 ZAR, 3200 NGN, 59.99 GHC, 33,600 UGX, and 1050 KSH monthly in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, and Kenya respectively. While the rest of Africa can get it for $8.99 a month.

How to Stream and Download Movies in Showmax

You can download the Showmax app or visit its website to subscribe, now that you know their respective Plans & Subscription Prices in 2022. Once you have a valid subscription on any of the packages you can stream and download any content you want.  Follow the below step-by-step procedure to do so easily:

  • Now go to the app store or Play Store and download the showmax application.
  • Sign in to your account and choose any content you want to download.
  • Tap on the cloud download button And when the download is complete you can view it on your device offline.

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