Reasons Why You Can’t Join a 2023/2024 Private or Public League on Your Fantasy Premier League (FPL) Account

Definitely, what You will get in this article are the Possible Reasons Why You Can’t Join A League On  Fantasy Premier League “FPL”. FPL is a game that consists of 15 players who score points for a team, dependent on their performance for their clubs in PL matches. After that, the team that wins is given prices on the number of the FPL points.

Why You can't join a League on Your FPL Account this 2023/2024

You might have tried joining the FPL league and were unable to do it, there are reasons why you may not be able to join a league on FPL

Are you interested in more about what this is about? It is not hard. I will tell you all you have to know in this article because that is the main essence.

How to Use Wildcard Chip in FPL

The wildcard is used to make transfers, as much as you want. These transfers are free and are between game week deadlines. Using a wildcard comes into play when you’re making multiple changes to the team you belong to, which is majorly due to the underperformance.

The important aspect is when creating the necessary changes, you must stay within the current budget restraints and don’t think you have an unlimited budget.

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Here are the step-by-step procedures on how to get it done:

  • Go to the transfers by tapping the “transfers” tab of the menu.
  • Proceed by clicking the “X” near a player’s jersey and remove all the players you don’t want. However, there will be a display of the number of points you lose at the centre of the screen.
  • A button will become active i.e. “play wildcard”. This is after you’ve transferred more than 2 players. You will find it next to the ‘Auto Pick’ and ‘Reset’ buttons just above your team screen.
  • Now, after clicking on the wildcard button, you will see a pop-up window reminding you that the wildcard won’t be activated until the transfers are confirmed.
  • You must choose new players. This is because the old ones must be replaced, then tap on “make transfers”.
  • Tap on “confirm transfers” then play the wildcard. You now have till the next game week deadline to tinker with your squad and make any corrections you want.

With this, You will get to know the possible Reasons Why You Can’t Join A League On  FPL below.

What to Know Before Playing FPL

If you want to play FPL, there are things to note. The reason you might have been denied can be because you don’t know how it is done.

These are:

  1. Start by building a squad.
  2. You must select the team.
  3. You must score points.

Now, that You know about this, You will get to know the Reasons Why You Can’t Join A League On  FPL.

Reasons Why You Can’t Join a League on FPL

There are factors that may cause you not to be able to join a league on FPL.

  1. Check your email or try another one. You can rectify this by telling your league manager to resend the invitation.
  2. Spam and junk folders can cause it. So delete them.
  3. It can be caused because of account issues.
  4. Check if you’ve followed the processes as you should. You might have omitted some figures etc.
  5. Disruption of internet connection will affect. Also, check your web browser for any faults.

So, these are the Possible Reasons Why You Can’t Join A League On  FPL.

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