How to Increase Your Fantasy Premier League (FPL) Team Value in 2023/2024 Season

Your Fantasy Premier League Team Value is very important as it might help You win your public and invitational or private league. There are a lot of tricks that You can use to increase Your FPL Team value. You will get to know them in this article.

How to Increase Your FPL Team Value this 2023/2024 Season

Understanding Fantasy Premier League team value and how it works will help You manage Your team better. Apart from the guide, You need to increase Your team value, You will also get other useful information in this post.

How Important is Team Value in Fantasy Premier League “FPL”

Now, as the season unfurls player prices will fluctuate and this will affect Your team, value. Fantasy Premier League players’ price increases for a good reason. This means for players who perform well prizes are likely to increase.

That is to say, the more players You have in your team whose price increases over the course of the season, the more Your team value will increase.

So, bigger team value allows for greater flexibility when tinkering with Your squad, also, it allows You to spend more if You are looking to strengthen Your team.  With this, €105 million worth of players is a lot better than a team composed of players with a total worth of €100 million.

Fantasy Premier League “FPL” Team Value Calculator

Also, it is important that You know the Fantasy Premier League “FPL” team value Calculator. You should know a player’s price in FPL changes depending on how many users transfer the player out or in.

You should know that no player value can increase by more than 0.3m over the course of a game week. Also, a player’s price can change no more than 0.1m per day.

How to Increase Your FPL 2023/2024 Team Value

Definitely, what You will get here is the guide on How to Increase Your FPL Team Value as a lot of managers are looking for it.  Now that You know this is calculated, You will get to know how to increase Your squad value below. So, without wasting much time, below You will get the guide below.

  • Go for players who are underpriced as apriority
  • Use predictions site to monitor price change
  • Next, buy players who are projected to increase in price
  • Buy players who are to rice twice or maybe more while You are on a Wildcard
  • Get Your transfer done as soon as You can after the weekend games, so buy players early
  • Sell players who get injured or have not been playing well for a while before the price of the player goes down.

So, these are the tips that You need to Increase Your Fantasy Premier League “FPL” Team Value. All You have to do is to follow them properly. No doubt, the value of your squad will increase after following these tips.

However, for further information, You should visit the FPL website at On the website, You will see all the latest information.

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