How to See Someone’s Hidden Friends List on Facebook

This article will enlighten you on how to see someone’s hidden friends on Facebook. Plenty of people using Facebook now hide their friend’s lists as they are no longer naïve and would not want to be exposed to the risk of a cloned account. How to See Someone’s Hidden Friends List on Facebook

Facebook has a range of features that its management always looks to improve as time goes on and this is what makes Facebook one of the most used applications in the social media world. But, this hiding of account is one of the modifications of the Facebook features but there are also some tricks to be able to see hidden friends list on Facebook.

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Some of the popular features of the social media platform are adding friends, sharing posts, uploading photos and videos, like comment and tagging friends and family in your post, instant game, watch online videos and lots more. In the aim to improve the application from time to time, Facebook management modifies certain things on the application.

How to See Someone’s Hidden Friends On Facebook

Sometimes you might want to access someone’s friend list on Facebook because you are looking for someone and cannot find them but they are friends with your friends. To see someone’s hidden friend list on Facebook you will need to perform a graph search of Facebook. If you and your target profile have something in common, the graph search will help you find the hidden friend list of your target profile.

Facebook is viewed as the most popular social media network due to the fact that it has the largest user pool of about 2 billion users. So it’s possible that you might need to view someone’s hidden friend’s list one day. In that case, given below are the three options one can use to view a person’s hidden friend list on Facebook;

How to View Someone’s Hidden Friend List on Facebook Using Social Revealer

You have to understand that a friend list on Facebook that has been hidden can still be accessed and viewed. However, you are required to own a Facebook account because before you can access the social media platform you need access to a Facebook account.

Once provision has been made for that, you can now proceed on your quest on how to see someone’s hidden friends on Facebook. You will need a Personal Computer with Google Chrome installed on it, then follow the steps below;

  1. Visit the Google Chrome web store and install ‘Social Revealer’
  2. After installation, open your Facebook account by logging in at
  3. Proceed to the profile of the person’s friends list you want to see.
  4. Now open the ‘’Social Revealer” extension and click on “See Friends”
  5. A new tab showing the Facebook user’s Facebook friend list will be opened.

So these steps mentioned above will help you easily see someone’s hidden friends list as well as mutual friends. It should also be noted that there is another Google Chrome extension such as “Facebook Friend Mapper” that can be used to complete the task of seeing someone’s hidden friends on Facebook. Basically, when someone hides their friend’s list from you or the public in general, this is a way around to get to see those hidden friend list.

How to View Someone’s Facebook Friends Without the Social Revealer & Facebook Friend Mapper

You can also see someone’s hidden Facebook friends without a social revealer. simply follow the steps below:

  • Log in to Facebook and then open the profile page of the friend of the Facebook user you want to see.
  • Open any person created post or image, find “fbid =” copy the number after it but end before the “&” character.
  • Open a new tab and paste https://www. Facebook. com/search/100034868239441/friends. change the number between “SEARCH/……/ friends in the previous one you have copied.
  • Press the enter key to search and the person list of hidden friends on Facebook will show.

With these steps, you can view the hidden friends’ list of Facebook users and search for who you are looking for on your user’s friends list. You should also be aware that there is another google extension called “Facebook friend mapper” that can also be used to see someone’s friends list if hidden from you.

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