How to Know Who Secretly Has a Crush on You on Facebook Dating

On Facebook Dating, there’s a secret crush feature and in this article, I will tell you how to know who secretly has a crush on you. Facebook dating became an instant hit the moment it was launched on the Facebook platform.

How to Know Who Secretly Has a Crush on You on Facebook Dating

Facebook dating has drastically reduced the number of singles on the Facebook application. This means that the Facebook dating feature is a total success. However, it is still quite new in our eyes. Some of the features we are still trying to grasp to better understand them.

About the Facebook Dating Feature

The Facebook dating feature was introduced as part of a quest for Facebook to reduce the over 200 million singles on the platform. When the feature was released it did more than expected as it became an instant hit among singles.

Facebook data started to slowly roll out to more and more locations. It is still being rolled out to more today. The amount of singles on the platform has been drastically reduced as more and more people find love every day.

Facebook dating has to be opt-in for any individual to use it, that is if dating is available in the person’s region. If you can find a heart icon on your profile or on your Facebook application menu then it is available for you.

What is left for you to do now is to tap on it to opt into Facebook dating. Note that people that are not on Facebook dating cannot see the dating profile of those who are on Facebook dating.

What’s Facebook Dating Secret Crush Feature All About

Facebook secret crush lets you express your interest in up to nine of your friends. This means that you have an interest in any of the nine of them if that friend letter opts into Facebook dating and then likes you back then they get a notification someone has liked them.

On the same note if they had you are their crush and you are them back as your crush then you both get notified. That is basically how FB crush works.

How to Know Who Secretly Has a Crush on You on Facebook Dating

Now to know who secretly has a crush on you is easy because of the Facebook secret crush feature. This feature will notify you that someone has a crush on you once the person has you as a crush.

You will get a notification saying someone has added you as a Facebook secret crush. If you now go ahead and add the person as a cross also the both of you will get notified and then you can connect and start chatting.

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