How to Post from Your Business Page to a Facebook Group

Looking at a recent search on Google or chrome browser you will notice countless times we have had people ask this question “How to Post from Your Business Page to a Facebook Group?” However, this is the major reason why I have written this article to educate you on how you can simply post from your business page to a Facebook group.

Post from Your Business Page to a Facebook Group

If you are one of the many persons that have asked this question How to Post from Your Business Page to a Facebook Group or you have been nursing it in your heart, stick with me on this article to get the simple steps involved. But before we go in, in details let me quickly give you an introduction of what the business page and the Facebook group are all about.

Meaning of a Business Page and Facebook Group

A business page is one created for the sole purpose of business. Your prospective and current buyers will “like”  your page and react with your post whenever there is any, they may also share comments and make suggestions whenever your post is engaging and at that moment a professional connection can begin to be built.

However, a Facebook group is created for a  group of people with common goals. The aim is to offer a means for people to interact with each other.

How to Create Your Business Page on Facebook

Social media is one the best platform with a huge crowd where you can advertise your product as a business owner today, creating a business page on Facebook will serve you well in this modern days because You will have to make your products known to as many people around the globe without paying a dime.

Are you interested in having a business page below is you can go about it?

  • The name of your business and description: in creating a business page the first thing you need to do is to name the page after your business, or a name that people will search and find your page. Also, use the about section to let people know what service your business render
  • Profile photo and cover photo: you are required to upload a picture that represents or showcase your business well. You may decide to use your logo as your profile photo. As for the cover photo you are advised to upload in your shop, product of your choice.
  • The action you want people to take: at the end, you are to add a means of contact at the top of your page, either a call action that redirects your visitors to do something, whether to visit your website or phone your shop.

The itemized instructions are written, so you can become an admin of your own business page more especially if you are into any form of business.

With it, you can make publicity of your products to your page members and create awareness of your products. Now, let’s head over to where You’ll learn how to create a Facebook Group, that You can share a post to from Your Business Page.

How to Create Your Facebook Group

Facebook provides an occasion to create your own Facebook group. Yeah, as the admin of a group you are responsible for certain things. This includes writing information, controlling the privacy settings and generally keeping the group running smoothly. Written below are the steps involved in owning your own Facebook group

  • Go straight to the left side menu on your Facebook
  • Immediately the menu expands, click See More beneath the list of your most common destinations on Facebook.
  • At the bottom of the list of groups, click Create Group
  • Enter a group name into the Group Name field. Type the names of people you want to add to the group.
  • Choose the privacy level for your group.
  • Click Create.
  • Choose an icon from the options and click the Okay button.

As earlier mentioned creating a Facebook group is no hassle at all, reading through this article will expose you to how simple this is to do. Sticking with me will further expose you to how you can post from your business page to your Facebook group.

How to Post from Your Business Page to a Facebook Group

After creating a Facebook group and business page, you may have no idea that it’s possible for one to share a post from one to the other. Yeah, not everybody knows about this feature. Well, there we’ll help you out on how to post from your business page to your Facebook group. Follow the written steps below to see how to go about that.

  1. Go to your Facebook business page and scroll to the post You intend to share and click share
  2. Then select where you would want to share the post: the name of the group or choose a  “copy link” so you can be able to post wherever you want
  3. depending on your selection in the previous step adhere to the following
    • select Share
    • select Share to a Group
    • to you can add a description or caption for the post you’re sharing where it says “Say something about this…”
    • then use the search bar to begin typing in the name of the group you wish to share to.
    • select Share. And that’s it you’re done.

Following the instructions above will make you own a business page, and be able to post from it to a Facebook group. Note, it does not mean you will only be able to post from only your business page. But, from any business page into any Facebook group that you are in.

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