JAMB Repeated & Most Expected Past Questions to Study for this Year 2022 CBT Exam

JAMB is a popularly known examination and it’s written by almost all the students who graduated from secondary. Writing JAMB is a must for you if you want to have a BSc or any other degree. To pass the 2022 Joint Admission and Matriculation Board “JAMB” is easy, all you have to do is to know and master its repeated questions.

JAMB Repeated & Expected Questions for All 2022 Subjects

JAMB is a body responsible for conducting examinations yearly, for prospective undergraduates, that is students who have finished secondary school and aim to gain entry into a Nigerian higher Institution. This Institution could be a private or public University, Polytechnic or College of Education.

These entrance examinations are set every year to determine candidates that would be qualified to gain entry into any Nigerian higher institution of their choice. However, the only way that can be made possible is if you, as a potential candidate, acquire a high score enough to beat the cut off mark of the school of your choice and if not, you might have to settle for a change of course or change of Institution.

Note: You can attain a high score in your JAMB examination by studying repeated questions set by JAMB and taking test practice.

Why You Need to Study the JAMB Repeated Past Questions

Over the years it has been noticed that JAMB tends to repeat some questions. It is a lot easier to recognize repeated questions in other subjects however, it is pretty difficult to notice a JAMB use of English repeated questions. This is usually due to the fact that they get more creative with the questions in this subject

Also, the fact that the JAMB text or novel changes every year so that questions may follow the same pattern but it is not usually the same as the one you might have seen in previous years.

Having over 300 in jamb is highly visible, most students who write jamb believes this is very high and it’s quite impossible to achieve. This idea or belief is very wrong, it’s very possible to score well in the jamb exam all you need to do is to get yourself a past question and read and solve them. When you solve past questions pay attention to the jamb repeated questions and focus on them well.

JAMB Most Expected Questions for All Subjects

Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) repeated past questions and answers are those questions that have been asked over the years and have been recurring time and time again.

Below are links to some JAMB subjects and their most expected topics.

Basically, the above are the links to all the JAMB subjects and their most expected topics. Studying all these topics would better prepare you for the questions in your forthcoming JAMB examinations.


Simply put, the above are questions that have a very high chance of coming out in the forthcoming JAMB examinations and it will be wise to follow these questions as well as the JAMB syllabus.

Note: It should also be noted that there are certain questions that seem really simple, do not get too excited that you recognized it as a repeated question instead be calm to be sure you are picking the right answer because JAMB tends to make their options very similar to one another.