Facebook Dating Feature Which Countries Can Use it this Year 2024 | Facebook Dating App

Facebook dating is a means Meta came up with to help its users find meaningful relationships on its platform; this can be done through the things they have in common. There are many things one can do with Facebook dating to improve their relationship status, although people still ask the question, “Which Countries can Use it?”. If you are one of those asking, then you’ve come to the right place to get the answer.

Facebook Dating Feature Which Countries Can Use it this Year 2022 | Facebook Dating App

Facebook Dating App Free Feature; Find out Which Countries Can Use it?

Since Facebook dating was launched, most Facebook users have wanted to know more about the feature and which countries it is available in or can use it. Yeah, this is because of the fantastic things people use the part to do online.

Facebook dating has Instagram integrated, allowing you to share your Instagram post with your Facebook dating profile, but this is only if you wish to. You can also add your followers on Instagram to your secret crush list.

The secret crush list comprises nine of your friends you have a crush on; though Facebook will tell them that they have a personal passion, it won’t tell them that it is you.

Luckily, if they crush back on you, your identities will be blown, and you will become perfect matches. We will discuss a bit more on Facebook dating, which countries it is available and a list too.

FB Dating Profile Set Up

Facebook dating is still new; You can create a Profile for free. All you need is an Android phone or an iPhone with the latest version of the Facebook mobile app installed on it.

Yeah, log into your account via the mobile app and tap the red heart icon at the top of the page. You will be taken to the Facebook dating feature, where you can create your dating profile, which is entirely different from your main account profile.

Lastly, before we talk about Facebook dating countries that are eligible to use the feature? When creating your Facebook dating profile, you must submit a lot of personal data. You might also need to add some of your primary Facebook data and one or two images, but you can later remove them.

Suggestions will be made based on what you submitted and your selected gender as an exciting gender. To start a conversation with an offer you like, comment on the person’s profile or like it.

In which Countries is Facebook Dating Available

Since Facebook dating started, many people in different corners of the world have tried to use the feature; it worked for some and didn’t work for others. If Facebook dating doesn’t work for you, one of the reasons may be that it is not available in your country. Below is a list of countries where Facebook dating is available.

  • The USA.

  • Canada.

  • Ecuador.

  • Chile.

  • Colombia.

  • Brazil.

  • Argentina.

  • Bolivia.

  • Guyana.

  • Laos.

  • Mexico.

  • Malaysia.

  • Peru.

  • Paraguay.

  • Singapore.

  • The Philippines.

  • Uruguay.

  • Thailand.

  • Vietnam.

  • Singapore.

  • Austria.

  • Belgium.

  • Bulgaria.

  • Cyprus.

  • Czech Republic.

  • Denmark.

  • Estonia.

  • Finland.

  • France.

  • Germany.

  • Greece.

  • Croatia.

  • Hungary.

  • Ireland.

  • Italy.

  • Lithuania.

  • Luxembourg.

  • Latvia.

  • Malta.

  • The Netherlands.

  • Poland.

  • Portugal.

  • Romania.

  • Sweden.

  • Slovenia.

  • Slovakia.

  • Iceland.

  • Liechtenstein.

  • Norway.

  • Spain.

  • Switzerland

  • and the United Kingdom.

Now that you know the countries that Facebook dating is available in and the ones it is coming to soon, it is all settled that users will be able to know where to find singles that are ready to date and start a relationship.

Countries that Don’t Have the FB Dating App

Many people do not see the dating feature after they go to the menu on the Facebook app. That is probably because the dating feature has not been introduced in their country. We could see that no European countries have had this dating feature. Facebook dating was supposed to be launched in Europe in early 2020.

However, it did not turn out well, as Facebook was forced to call off the launch date of its dating feature in Europe. This was because it failed to give its lead EU data regulator enough warning in advance, which includes failing to demonstrate that it had performed a legally required assessment of privacy risks.

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