How to Set the Vertical Taskbar on Your PC’s Windows 11

Definitely, if You are looking for the steps on How to Set the Vertical Taskbar on Windows 11 You will get the guide You need here. Setting Vertical Taskbar on Windows vary from each other as there are differences to each window created. Setting the Taskbar on Windows 10 has completely different steps to the one of Windows 11.

How to Set the Vertical Taskbar in Your PC's Windows 11

However, this article will be detailedly or explicitly given the steps on how to carry out this process. And in addition to it will also be given some important related information to the subject matter.

Moreover, what do you understand by setting a vertical Taskbar? In replacement, your taskbar being vertical means a single glance at the side of your screen will quickly enable you to see everything.

How to Move the Taskbar to the Right in Windows 11

If you have been unable to move the Taskbar to the right in your windows 11 or you are just illiterate about it. Then pay your attention to this section of the article as it will certainly help in understanding how to set the vertical Taskbar on my Windows 11.

Therefore, there are just these to the simple steps of moving the Taskbar to the right in Windows 11.

These are;

  • On the settings key in the right-hand pane, make a double click.
  • After which you change the 03 value under the FE column to 01 by clicking on it in the Edit Binary Value window.
  • If you also wish, your choice can be to change the value to 00 or 02 in order to make changes to the position of the taskbar to the right or left part of the screen, respectively.

Therefore, understanding the steps above will definitely grant you a better understanding of the subject matter which is How to Set the Vertical Taskbar on Windows 11.

Why has your Taskbar moved to the Side?

Why has your taskbar moved to the side? This question is clearly known to be a Frequently asked question. As it also entails some things related to How to Set the Vertical Taskbar on Windows 11. Therefore, the answer to the FAQ will be given in this section of the article. Hence, pay your utmost attention to it as it is stated below.

  • If a checkmark is made next to the Lock the taskbar, it means the taskbar is locked. However, it can be unlocked just by making a click on the Lock the taskbar, which helps in the removal of the checkmark.

How to Set the Vertical Taskbar on Windows 11

How you can set the vertical taskbar on windows 11 will be given in this section of the article. Therefore, do make sure you don’t skim through the surface as the steps are stated below.

  • Download after going to your default browser.
  • After then, the StartAllBack should be double-clicked after the download.
  • Then “Install for me” should be clicked on the next screen.
  • Afterwards, the configuration should be done as soon as the utility is Done.
  • Make a selection of the note icon.
  • Then, one of the best ways to get a retro feel with a taskbar that is unlocked should be noted after which you uncombined it with a Remastered 7 program.
  • Click on Taskbar from the vertical menu on the left from the same wizard window.
  • Then lastly select and set the vertical taskbar on windows 11 with some defined explained steps.

So, these are the steps You need to carry out this process and they re very easy.

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