How to Move Files to Android Folder on Your Android 11 Device

With the latest release of Android 11, it is now impossible to move files from another folder to your Android folder in its file manager. This was deliberately put in place by google to reduce security risks on your Android device. Be that as it may, in this article You will know How to Move Files to the Android Folder on any of Your Android 11 devices.

How to Move Files to the "Android Folder" on Android 11

Looking for How to Move Files to the Android Folder on any Android 11 device? If Yes, continue reading this article to know the steps. Yeah, do this as there is a way to work this problem out that Android 11 users always complain about.

About the Android Scoped Storage

This is the feature that Google put in place to prohibit the movement of files especially large files to and fro on the Android folder. The problem with this is that it’s not possible if you do not have the large data to download apps. Yeah, You can’t send and receive their obb files.

This File Storagesrestriction was put into action from Android 10 but it is not mandatory. However, that of Android 11 is different, as it became mandatory and there’s a restriction of movement of files to the Android folder.

Yeah, Google put this place, so that an app cannot access data created by another app. They made the storage files into multiple units so that all the data cannot be accessible by a single application.

What is the Solution to the Android 11 Issue?

From the early days of Android, we were introduced to permission which was not so during the era of java and Symbian devices. To make use of any Android device you have to grant it permission to use different hardware and software your device have. If you refuse to grant particular permission then the functionality will be unavailable.

Now the thing with Android 11 is that Google has made it in a way that for an app to access a file it did not create permission has to be granted. That is the only workaround to moving files from where it was created and to where it was not on the android folder.

How to Move Files to Android Folder on Android 11

There is still a little problem that may stop you from moving files. This is, accessing the file and gaining permission to make changes to a file an app do not create can be very tricky. On top of that, there will come a time when even gaining granting permission, gaining access to the folder the file may still not move to the android folder.

The good news is that every android device comes with an inbuilt file explorer that with the right permission can let you move files. The only problem is that accessing files directly on your built-in file explorer does not go all the way. So you have to make use of a third-party file explorer for that purpose.

You can download any of these apps as they work just fine Zarchiver, Total command and Files app. After getting any of those apps follow the below process.

  • Give the app access to your device by enabling or permission the app is asking for.
  • Finally, move any file you want to move freely to the Android Folder that contains Obb and Data sub-folders.

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