How to Download Friends Mapper Chrome Extension & Android APK for Use on Facebook

Everyone knows about Facebook but not all are used to the Facebook friend mapper, it is simply a chrome extension for finding hidden friends on Facebook. The Facebook Friends mapper has a lot of features but not everyone knows “How to Download Friends Mapper on Facebook”. One of the major features of Facebook friend mapper is that it exposes one hidden friend list on Facebook.

How to Download Friends Mapper Chrome Extension & Android APK for Use on Facebook

In Facebook, there is normally a privacy setting that allows users to make their friend list private but the Facebook friend mapper can make you see one hidden friend list. This content will provide the steps on How to Download Friends Mapper on Facebook and provide how to use the Facebook Friend Mapper.

How to Download Friends Mapper on Facebook

Since not everyone knows How to Download Friends Mapper on Facebook, the complete steps needed to download the extension will be provided below. You will need to have an internet connection before you can carry out this process. it is not that difficult to download the extension just follow the steps below to install the Friends Mapper on Facebook

  • To begin make sure you have an internet connection
  • Open the google chrome browser
  • Visit the Google Chrome Webstore
  • Search for the “Facebook Friend Mapper” using the search icon
  • Once seen click add to chrome
  • Install the “Facebook Friend Mapper”
  • Add the extension to your chrome

These are the steps needed to download the Friends Mapper on Facebook, they are very easy to carry out all you have to do is to follow the steps according.

How to Use the Facebook Friends Mapper

The Facebook Friend Mapper is a chrome extension that can be used to see one hidden friends on Facebook as said earlier but you will need to download the extension first. You can download it using the steps above. Before you can do this, you must make sure you have one mutual friend with the targeted person. Below are the steps needed on how to find one hidden friends on Facebook

  • To begin Download the Facebook Friend Mapper extension; you can do that using the steps provided above
  • In the chrome log in to your Facebook Id
  • Visit the profile of the person you would like to see hidden friends
  • Select the reveal friends option once you have seen the profile of the person

These are the steps needed and once you are done with that, the chrome extension will begin to find the list of hidden friends in the profile. This will take some time but eventually, all the hidden friends will be presented to you.


For those who are don’t know much about the newly launched Facebook Friend Mapper, the steps provided in this article might be useful to you. Just follow all the instructions provided above and there would not be any stress while using Facebook Friend Mapper. The main reason why people normally use this extension is to see other hidden friend list but not everyone like this as some people like keeping their friend list private.

Facebook Friends Mapper APK for Android Mobile

So all of you who are not using this Chrome extension, you can download and install the Facebook Friends Mapper APK on your Android Phone. For this, you have to download this app on your phone. Click on this link to download the Facebook Friends Mapper APK.

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