How to Secretly Save Other Peoples Snapchat Stories (Videos and Pictures)

In this article, I will be showing you exactly how to secretly save other people’s Snapchat. The problem is that if you view a story you like there is no way for you to take it unless the person sent it to you. But not everybody would want to send their story to others but there is a fix.

How to Secretly Save Other Peoples Snapchat Stories (Videos and Pictures)

Snapchat stories usually last for 24 hours and they can be in the form of a picture video or GIF. During a 24-hour. Friends of a particular Snapchat user can view the personal story. While the story is still You can secretly Save the Snapchat Stories which might be Pictures or Videos on your device.

Snapchat became famous for its first fitted story collection which every individual can choose from a variety of states is to take a picture. Other platforms like Facebook and Twitter quickly took after this feature bringing their own filter into existence.

Snapchat’s Stories

Snapchat stories are all of the ways to express your feelings, emotions, your personal and group moments with your followers. Snapchat has a built-in fail-safe feature according to what I call it which notifies you if someone takes a screenshot or saves your messages and story without permission from you. This is one major problem that plagues Snapchat users including you reading this article right now.

For this reason, so many people have sort to find other ways to secretly save other people’s Snapchat stories without Their knowing. If that’s your concern then be rest assured you are on the right article as I will be showing you exactly that. Known that you will not be the first person to seek a secret way to save someone else’s story.

How to Secretly Save Other Peoples Snapchat

Now, for those looking for How to Secretly Save Other Peoples Snapchat, here it is. There are different ways to actually save someone’s story without their knowledge using different apps on both Android and iOS. I am going to be mentioning a few of them for the purpose of this article.

1 – iOS Screen Recorder

My screen recorder is one of the best ways to save someone’s story on your iPhone. This is because almost all iOS devices have the screen recorder app installed all you have to do is to open the person’s story and record as much as you want.

2 – Screen Recorder

Most Android devices do come with a screen recorder feature. This feature can be used to record and save other people’s Snapchat stories on Android. This is done without their knowledge or without them getting any notification of what you are doing.

3 – Snappcrack

Snapcrack is a provisional application that lets you save any Snapchat story you want without getting caught. This app is not a screen recording app it actually does save the story The way it is. This is the best option for saving someone else’s Snapchat story on your device. What I love most about this app is that it is available on both Android and iOS.

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