How to Hide Your Profile or Be Invisible on Facebook Dating

In this article, I will show you How to Hide Your Profile in order to Be Invisible on Facebook Dating. Facebook dating lets you see other Facebook users that are available and eligible to date. So if you are interested in Facebook dating to meet new dates then it’s wise to create a dating profile.

How to Hide Your Profile or Be Invisible on Facebook Dating

No doubt, You can send your likes and messages to the people you want to date bla bla bla… What if you are tired of Facebook dating and you want to be invisible? You are in the right place to get this settled

Can You Hide Your Facebook Dating Profile?

Maybe you are tired of Facebook dating, maybe you are tired of the people that keep matching with you for some reason and you want to take a break. If you want to take a break because you are tired no one can actually blame you. NO one will blame you because you would not be the first person to have taken a break from Facebook dating as a whole. In Fact, there are tons of others just like you and that’s why this article exists.

So yes you can hide your Facebook Dating profile from others so that you can take that well-deserved break you desperately need. Facebook has thought about it that there might come a time that when someone might want to hide and make a way for you to do so.

This is different from when others that are not on Facebook dating cannot see your profile. This feature makes you invisible on Facebook to even others that are using Facebook dating. Now you may be asking what is this feature, lets look at it next.

How to Be Unseeable on Facebook Dating

Now when you turn on this feature it is important to know that you will no longer see other peoples dating profiles as well as they can see yours. However, if you still want to continue then let’s take a look at How to Be Invisible on Facebook Dating:

  • Open your Facebook application and then tap on
  • Tap on General and then select Privacy Settings.
  • Now turn off Suggest friends of friends.

The Suggest friends of friends. Settings are the one date that lets your Facebook dating profile be shown to others and theirs to you. Once that feature is off then you are officially invisible in Facebook dating.

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