How to Search for Someone on Your Facebook Dating Account

Relationship is a crucial part of human life, dating makes this possible by connecting two people who have feelings for each other on common interests, likes, behaviour e.t.c. Since Facebook has a dating site, there’s a way users can search for someone and date by liking or commenting on the profile.

How to search for someone on your facebook Dating app

If you want to know How to Search for Someone on Facebook Dating as it isn’t hard, well the main purpose of this article is to explain detailedly to you all you need to know about Facebook dating.

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How Does FB Dating Work?

Now, for You to be able to Search for Someone on Facebook Dating, you need to first know how the platform works in order to make things easy. To maximize the Facebook dating site, there are basic things you must know.

They are:

  • It’s a matchmaking romantic relationship site, although done by the user.
  • A profile is needed, thus enabling others to see who you are and signal interest to date.
  • It separates photos, conversations, profiles and so on, from your personal Facebook feed except you change it in the settings.
  • It can be deleted and there’s also a new system of secret crushes.
  • You will always receive a notification when your profile is liked.

How to Activate Facebook Dating

Well, for You to be able to Search for Someone on Facebook Dating, you must have an active profile on the platform. Since the dating site is built-in into the Facebook app, there are procedures to carry out to make it work.

They are outlined below:

  • Log into your Facebook app or go to the site,
  • On the top right-hand side of the homepage, click on the 3 lines or hamburger icon
  • After doing that, it will lead you to a list of things such as settings, Facebook marketplace e.t.c, and then click on dating.
  • Put in the required details like your name, location, password, e.t.c c as instructed, then set up your dating photo and details.
  • When this is done, your dating account will be set and you can start dating.
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However, if you’re having problems with the dating features, you can enquire from the page specifically made for it.

When it comes to using the Facebook dating site to  Search for Someone, understanding the features will assist you. I will give you some below:

  • You can see recommendations for dating in the dating section.
  • You can start a conversation/ show interest by liking the heart icon or X, you will see a reply in your message section if the person is interested.
  • Photos and posts can be shared by going to the end of your profile page.
  • You can see matches just by tapping “matches” at top of the app.

Now, once You have activated the Facebook Dating feature, You’ll be able to search for Singles close to you and potentially find someone with similar interests to yours.

How to Find out if Someone is on Facebook Dating

If you want to Search for Someone on Facebook Dating, you should by now know that it’s a must to have a “Facebook Dating Profile”. This profile will have your personal information such as your details, number, location, interests e.t.c. It is also the first thing seen by those who just joined Facebook dating.

So the processes to find or search for someone who is on Facebook dating, are given below:

  • You must log in and join the “secret crush”. It enables you to know someone has a crush on you but with the identity disclosed, except you add the person to your secret crush list. Doing this will increase your chance of seeing someone on Facebook dating.
  • Finally, you can search for the person’s name, interest and details in the search box.

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