How to Rate a Buyer You Sold Something for on Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook marketplace is beyond buying and selling goods. You can rate your buyers as well which is so unlikely for another online market platform. as a matter of fact, most platform only permits the rating of sellers. This post will show You How to Rate a Buyer on Facebook Marketplace.

How to Rate a Buyer on Facebook Marketplace in 2022

Not only that, Facebook still permits dropping feedback too. This may help show areas needed for improvement. With these new features, both sellers and buyers will grow effectively. It’s an easy way to get better at what you do.

How to Rate a Buyer on Facebook Marketplace

Surely, what You will get in this article is a guide on How to Rate a Buyer on Facebook Marketplace as people are looking for it.  Buyers now have the opportunity of receiving ratings. This calls for celebration. This is rarely seen in most online marketing platforms. In the U.S. more than 30% of the citizens use the Facebook marketplace.

Also, the Facebook marketplace is becoming more friendly than before. Here is How to rate a buyer on the Facebook marketplace:

  • Open the app on your mobile device
  • Tap the 3 horizontal dash menu
  • Scroll and click on the marketplace option
  • Tap ‘you’
  • Select ‘buying’ or ‘selling’
  • Click the conversation you have with the buyer
  • Tap ‘rate buyer’
  • Select either a happy face or a sad one
  • Pick a reason for your rating
  • Tap done

Only on the Facebook app is it allowed to rate one another. It can’t be done on the main website. So, you must have the Facebook app installed on your device before thinking of rating. You can also drop feedback too. You are also careful of what you say because they have community standards to which you must adhere.

Why You Can’t Rate a Buyer on Facebook Marketplace

Having the Facebook app installed on your mobile device is the first step. Then you and the buyer must have chatted with each other to gain permission for rating them. Only under these conditions can you be allowed to rate a buyer on the Facebook marketplace even if you know how to.

How to Get a Star Rating on Facebook Page

First of all, you go to the company’s Facebook page. tap on the review tab. There you see the rating levels which are 1-5. Then, you give your comment; a short one at least. Besides, it is seen on most sites that have reviews.

What Recommendations Do You Need to Get a Rating on Facebook Marketing

It is all based on your selection whether it is a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. Then, you are requested to talk about what you do not like and that which you like just like other review sites. Nonetheless, it is required You have at least 25 characters typed in the field box in order to post your review.

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