Complete Guide on How to Repost Something on Your Facebook Account

Reposting on Facebook is not as so hard, but if you are new to it, and you see something interesting that you want to repost something on your account, then you need the steps on How to Repost Something on Facebook. every day on Facebook, people post interesting things from pictures to writes ups to videos.

Complete Guide on How to Repost Something on Your Facebook Account

And if you find any interesting post on Facebook that you would like to repost, well, you are not the first, and you are definitely not the last person that would want to do that. So, expect the steps on how to repost something in Facebook.

How to Repost Something on Facebook

Different devices have their different methods, so I would be giving you the steps you on how to repost something on Facebook desktop mode and the App.

On Facebook Desktop Mode

Below are the several methods available on how to repost something on Facebook.

  • First, you need to open from your PC and then log in using your Facebook account.
  • After that, locate the post that you wish to repost or share – you are given the option of reposting on another person’s timeline. You can even choose to repost on your Facebook page.
  • Scroll down beneath the post. On the right side of the post, just beside the comment button, click share.
  • When you click on the share icon, you would be presented with the share options. To proceed, select an option. If you are looking forward to modifying the share settings, from the options and click on share.
  • The post would be shown in a pop-up window – allowing you to modify where it would be shared, and whether you want it to be shared to the public, your friends, etc. After modifying the post share details, click post.
  • To repost on Facebook from a Facebook page, open the page and locate the post that you want to repost. Scroll down the post and click share.
  • From the list of share options, choose one. If you are looking forward to reposting to your timeline, click on share.
  • On the top left of post-pop-up, click the drop-down and choose where you want to repost the post. In this example, I want to repost to my timeline. Then, below the post, choose who you would like to see in your post-default would depend on your privacy settings. When you are done, click on the post.

On from the Facebook App

Doing this from your Facebook app is not so complicating, just follow the steps that I would be stating from you below.

  • First, open the Facebook App on your phone
  • Then find the post that you want to repost
  • After that, beneath the post and the tab share
  • To repost the post without making any modifications, click on share now
  • Alternatively, you could modify the post before having to repost it. As an example, you can click on the Facebook drop-down for more share options – see the second image
  • You would also be required to determine who you wish to see the post by clicking the public drop-down.

And with this, you would be able to repost an on your Facebook account. there are other ways to do this, but these are the best methods so far.


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