How to Improve the Picture Quality of Your Toshiba TV

Toshiba is one of the oldest and certainly one of the best TV manufacturers are there. Although, no product is perfect as every TV brand has its flaws. For this article, the problem we would be Dealing with is picture quality issues on Toshiba TV. So, by the end of this article, you will know how to How to Improve the Picture Quality of Your Toshiba TV.

How to Improve the Picture Quality of Your Toshiba TV

Toshiba is still in the business of manufacturing TVs to date and is still doing a good job at that. Toshiba has always had a reputation for quality and their TV’s always stand out among the crowd. Like said earlier, the only problem is no product is perfect so their TVs are expected to have problems from time to time.

Picture Quality of Toshiba TV

One of the main problems that Toshiba TVs normally face is the Resolution quality it came with. In fact, most Toshiba televisions come with 480P resolution which needs to be changed to1080P. This is one of the main issues that plague Toshiba televisions

Luckily for us, their HDTV sets are programmed with resolution settings that let you adjust the video resolution. This is easily done by using the remote control which came with the TV. And your TV needs to be connected to a cable TV or a source satellite network to change the resolution.

How to Improve the Image Quality of Your Toshiba Television

Once you have connected your television to a cable TV or anything and have your remote control present all you have to do now is follow the procedure below:

  • Press the menu button on your TV remote control.
  • Navigate to where you have picture and press enter on the remote control,
  • Now select advanced settings and then use the remote control to select resolution+ and tap on entering.
  • Top on the right bottom on your remote control to select 5 and finally press enter.

Once this is done Your TV we revert back to the main image you were viewing before the process started. Immediately you will discover that the picture quality of your Toshiba TV has been improved.

How to Improve the Picture Quality of Your Toshiba TV

All televisions have the ability to increase all decrease their brightness level. Toshiba TVs are no exception because their brightness levels can be adjusted. This can be easily done if your Toshiba remote control still works. So if you still have your Toshiba remote control and you want to increase your TV brightness follow the below procedure:

  • Tap on the menu on your TV remote control
  • Now navigate to where you have settings and then press enter.
  • Select a picture from the list and press enter.
  • The next thing is to select picture settings and press enter.
  • On the picture settings menu scroll down to where you see brightness.
  • Once you are there all you have to do is to press the right button on your remote control to increase the brightness. You can also decide to press the select arrow button to decrease the brightness if it is too much.

Surely, with the details given in this article, You will be able to Improve the Picture of Your Toshiba Smart TV anytime you want.

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