How to Improve the Picture Quality of Your Philips Smart TV

Philips TV is one of the television companies that has been at the forefront because they use advanced industry-leading techs. Their TVs are one of the best in the business. Although it’s not as popular as LG and Samsung, they are just as good as them. Philips TV picture quality is good, but its users still seek means to improve them.

How to Improve the Picture Quality of Your Philips TV

However, some people still suffer from low picture quality on Philips TV. If you are among said people then in this article I will show you How to Improve the Picture Quality of Your Philips TV.

About the Picture Quality of Philips TV

Philips TV comes out of the box will the perfect everything. Because they make use of a  specially made P5 processing Which makes everything perfect. WithPhilips TV to get perfect motion,  colour,  Sharpness,  contract,  source playback and more. As I mentioned before Philips TV is just as good if not even better than LG and Samsung televisions.

So if you are experiencing poor picture quality on your Philips television it might be as a result of your settings. I will show you some things you can try that will enable you to get the best picture quality from your Philips TV.

How to Improve the Picture Quality of Your Philips TV

Now, to enjoy the high picture quality of a Philips TV, you may need to tweak some settings and aspects in order to improve how it displays. So below are some things you need to do in order to get high pixel quality on your Philips TV.

1. Connect the Signal Source by Means of an HDMI

If you are using an external device to view pictures on your Philips TV you should make sure you use the HDMI port. HDMI which is he gives you the best or high-definition video and audio quality. Therefore make sure to use the HDMI port anytime you are using an external device.

2. Verify that the Source Signal is of High Definition (HD) Content

Once you have verified that you have connected the external device you are using with an HDMI cable the next thing is to check the content quality. You have to verify again if the content you are receiving from your external device is 1080i or the 1080p video format. If not you cannot get the high picture quality you want.

3. Change the Picture Preset Mode

The picture preset mode is one of the major settings you ought to change once you purchased your Philips Television or any other television. This is because the picture preset your TV comes with is always the one to look best on a store shelf.

Picture preset modes that are set to look best on a store shelf does not look best on your room. Therefore it has to be changed but most people do not know this. Follow the below procedure to change the preset mode to the one that best suits you:

  • Press the home button on your remote control.
  • Use the cursor select setup and then press OK to confirm it.
  • Now select smart settings and then press the cursor right to review the preset modes.
  • Scroll up and down to select a predefined smart setting Presets that suits you.
  • Finally, press OK to confirm after selecting the one that best suits you and then exits the menu.

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